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Best Places to Visit in Jeddah

Ruchira Joshi
The Eastern Forest: Ghaib Sharqiya
Finding a forest in a desert region is like seeing a mirage, and so is this man made forest with 80,000 plus trees filled in 2.7 million sq meter area.
Ancient enchanting history of Arab culture is inculcated in this museum as it adheres to the heritage, history, culture of the Saudi Arabian Kingdom.
Al Tabiyat City Museum
Kingdom Tower
The future tallest building is under construction, this tower better known as Jeddah Tower will be the most unique feature for Jeddah Economic City.
Take down the authentic spices, herbs, and delicacies with you while visiting the narrow alleys of Souq Al Alawi
Souq Al Alawi
You will be dumbstruck by seeing this marvelous piece of construction that stays at a height 561 ft, the tallest flagpole in the world.
Jeddah Flagpole
Al Rahma Mosque
This floating mosque hovering on the water with its marble interior is a like mystic purity!
A visit to Saudi is not complete if you don't see its rich palaces and where the kings' ruled, this place is one of those sites you must not miss.
Royal State Palace, Jeddah
Bab Makkah
A three arched gate monument at the door step of Jeddah from where the holy journey of the city begins.
Divinity through waters, this place encapsulates blends of religion, faith, nature, its beauty, and architecture perfectly.
Jeddah Island Mosque
An underwater tour to experience the greatest aquatic life will give jitters as you head on for this aquarium tour which will teach you about the numerous aspects of sea life.
Fakieh Aquarium
King Fahad's Fountain
Fountain given by King Fahd that emits water at height between 853 ft- 1024 ft above the Red Sea is a live and rare depiction of man made wonder.
Jeddah Corniche
Along the seaside street, spend the evening with your loved ones with enigmatic view sums up a perfect Jeddah trip.