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Best Places to Visit in Oxford, England

Abhishek Velankar May 16, 2020
The word that comes to mind after hearing Oxford is 'University'. The city revolves around the university. Called the "City of Spires", Oxford is filled with fantastic architecture and is a haven for anyone interested in History or Science.
The Oxford Castle is 1000 years old. The draw here is the guided tour of the castle and prisons.
The Church of St. Mary was the starting point of the university. This is where it all started. Today when reaching the top of the stairs, one can see the whole of the city. Particularly striking is the view of the Radcliffe Camera, a world-renowned library.
Port Meadow is located at the side of River Thames. It's a place where you can be free from the hassle of modern life, and enjoy a stroll with the likes of horses, cows and bullocks.
University of Oxford Botanical Garden is the oldest in the UK. It houses a wide variety of Flowers and Trees in its glass houses.
The Sheldonian Theatre is the official ceremonial hall of the University of Oxford. Visit the place and be amazed with the inside of the theatre for the magnificent architecture. The theatre's top offers a panaromic view of the city.
The Oxford Artisan Distillery offers a tour of its facilities to see the process of how they make alcohol. The guides are sufficiently informative and the Gin and Vodka are worth tasting.
The Covered Market is an Indoor Bazaar that has been operational since the 1770's. The market has various excellent bakeries, cafes and local vendors selling local fresh produce.
Oxford University Museum of Natural History houses the famous Dinosaur exhibits as well as the renowned Oxford Dodo.
Loacted at the back of the Museum of Natural History, Pitts Rivers Museum offers Archaeological and Anthropological objects from various cultures all over the world. They also have the 'Shrunk Heads' that are very popular with visitors.