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Best Places to Visit in Zwolle, The Netherlands

Maya Pillai Dec 03, 2020
Zwolle is a quaint municipality situated in the Overijssel province of Netherland that shows traces of settlement as far back as the Bronze Age.
The city center of Zowelle is surrounded by canals and it has the resemblance of a many sided star.
Historical buildings that tell the tales of the bygone era are some of the major attractions here.
Zwolle is an ancient city that was established around 800 A.D.
Grote Kerk
The Gothic church is located at the old town center. The church depicts the religious architecture of The Netherlands.
The church that you see currently was built in the 1400 AD. The church that existed before this followed a Romanseque style.
Peperbus Tower
Pepperbus Tower was constructed in the 1400s when the city was prospering.
Until 2006, this tower was the tallest tower in Zwolle. You can climb up the tower to see the city from the various angles.
Sassenpoort Gatehouse
An iconic building of Zwolle, it is listed as a national monument that displays the old power and wealth.
The fortifications were constructed in 1409 and display the typical Dutch architecture. The two circular towers at the gate, the city emblems, beautiful window and interiors are eye candy.
Het Engelse Werk Park
A premeir park that was constructed in 1828. The park was designed and landscaped by Hendrik van Lunteren.
The walking trails take you through the woodland, small lakes and waterways.
Zwolle Canals
Watch the breathtaking views of the city while gliding through the canals.
The riverboats do have a guide who will give you an insight about the ancient buildings and history of the city.
Basilica of our Lady
A beautiful Gothic Church with high altar, tall stained glass windows and pink stone pillars.
Nationaal Park Weerribben Wieden
The park is located north of Zwolle. It has bog, waterways and stunning landscapes.
There are cycling trails which take you through the winding fields.
Museum de Fundatie
A beautiful and resourceful museum that is visited by thousands of visitors. You will find the paintings, sculptures and drawings of famous artists such as Mondrian, Van Gogh and Chagall.
The museum is also a wonderful place to learn about visual art.
Stedelijk Museum
A fine museum that displays the artworks of the contemporary artists. There is an archeology basement which displays the artifacts that tell tales of ancient Zwolle.
An open square place with a long stretch of walkway where you can enjoy a stroll.
The tree-lined streets have cafes and restaurants with seating outside where you can taste the traditional dishes of Zwolle.