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10 Best Scottish Islands

Prabhakar Pillai Dec 05, 2020
Scotland is part of the United Kingdom. It boasts of many beautiful islands. Let's take a look at some of them.
1. Shetland
The archipelago experiences continuous sunlight during summer.
A must see are the famous Shetland ponies. On offer are ample hiking opportunities and historic sites to see and enjoy.
2. Isle of Colonsay
The island has a minuscule population and boasts of long stretches of beaches.
The island can be called both secluded and off the beaten track. The place hosts umpteen annual festivals including that of books and food & drink.
3. Orkney
Attractions here include the Vikings historic sites and 5,000 year old Neolithic sites.
Popular activities here include hiking, enjoying the abundant wildlife and biking. A must-see place is Hoy which has attractive woodland, dramatic valleys and precarious cliffs.
4. St. Kilda
The United Kingdom's biggest colony of Atlantic puffins can be found here.
The archipelago is a UNESCO World Heritage Center. Hirta is its biggest island and boasts of the highest sea cliffs in the whole United Kingdom.
5. Great Cumbrae
Places to visit here include the charming town of Millport and the picturesque coastline.
Ideal to indulge in watersports such as windsurfing, kayaking and others. Try out the Millport Golf Course offering spectacular views of the Cowal Peninsula.
6. Isle of Eigg
Remember that automobiles can't be brought to this island just like several other Scottish islands.
Attractions include the Singing Sands beach and the abandoned village of Grulin. The place is full of secluded beaches and opportunities for scenic walks.
7. Isle of Tiree
Offers long stretches of silent beaches and stellar opportunities for camping and fishing.
Visitors here will find white houses, traditional blackhouses and the amazing 'pudding houses' consisting of white mortar and dark stone. Star gazing is a popular activity with observers getting spectacular glimpses of the night sky.
8. Barra
Did you know that this island's airport is situated on a beach?
The place boasts of exceptionally attractive beaches such as Tangasdale, Seal Bay and others. Indulge in paddle boarding and sea kayaking in the scintillating waters here.
9. Iona
This tiny island is famous as 'the cradle of Christianity'.
There exists abundance of flora and fauna with diverse habitats, such as sandy beaches, fields and bogs. A must-see is the remains of Iona Abbey dating back to 563 AD.
10. Isle of Jura
Enjoy the abundance of hiking and walking trails, rich wildlife and picturesque mountains here.
Highly recommended is a boat trip to the Corryvreckan whirlpool. Taste the whisky at the popular Isle of Jura Distillery.