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Best Things to Do in Bandung, Indonesia

Prabhakar Pillai May 5, 2020
Bandung is a large city in the Java province of Indonesia that draws many locals and tourists alike. Prime attractions include Trans Studio Bandung, Braga Street, Gedung Sate and Tangkuban Perahu.
Bandung Geology Museum

 The famous museum was opened in 1928 and boasts of the remains of a rare meteorite that fell in West Java in 1871. Popular exhibits include that of Woolly Mammoths, rocks, minerals and dinosaurs.
Kawah Putih

 The popular tourist attraction boasts of a gorgeous lake. The sulphuric lake has its origins from a volcano. Visitors love the place for its ethereal beauty and photo ops.
Trans Studio Bandung

 It is a popular indoor theme park offering thrill rides and a swanky theatre. Amenities include a shopping mall, a recreation park and a luxury hotel.
Rumah Mode Factory Outlet

 Here shopaholics will find a wide range of good quality clothes, shoes and bags at affordable prices. The place also offers delicious food and seating in a charming garden.
NuArt Sculpture Park

 The attraction is spread over 3.5 hectares. It displays over 200 works of the famous Indonesian sculptor Nyoman Nuarta. Also on offer are lectures on nature, literature and art.
Gedund Sate

 It is an iconic building constructed in 1920 and used by Dutch companies. Presently the building functions as a government residence as well as museum. Gedung Sate 's design includes native Indonesian elements as well.
Braga Street

 The colonial era street boasts of classy cafes, upscale restaurants, bakeries, stores as well as jazz bars. It is located in the heart of Bandung
Dusun Bambu Family Leisure Park

 The park is at the foot of a mountain with breathtakingly beautiful surroundings. It also offers an artificial river and an opportunity to feed rabbits.
Lembang Floating Market

The market has many vendors in beautiful wooden boats dishing out food including Indonesian snacks.
The Hong Community

At this center, visitors can participate in activities as well as games connected to traditional Sundanese folklore. The games are usually played in goups with toys made of organic materials such as bamboo.