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Best Things to Do in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Abhishek Velankar May 2, 2020
Being near to the Galapagos Islands, Guayaquil is teeming with all kinds of wondrous animals. Add to that all the wonderful scenery in the city and you get a city that feels close to nature.
Any trip to Guayaquil should begin with the boardwalk called Malecón 2000. The area contains a large garden, busts of important figures in the city's history, a children's playground and a shopping street.
Also located on Malecón 2000 is La Perla, the biggest Ferris wheel in South America. The Ferris wheel is slow-moving so there's plenty of opportunity to take in all the scenery and capture photos.
Visit Parque Seminario which is also known as 'The Iguana Park', because of the abundance of Iguanas found here. There is an artificial lagoon in here where you spot colorful fishes.
Guayaquil Metropolitan Cathedral is across the street from Parque Seminario. It's the largest church in Guayaquil and contains beautiful stained glass interiors.
Located near Guayaquil is the Cerro Blanco Forest, where hiking trails are present along with helpful guides that ensure safety but also are informative. Howler Monkeys are abundant here.
Parque Samanes contains a football ground as well as basketball, volleyball and tennis courts that are completely free to enter. The park is also pleasant for walking, biking or for generally having picnics near one of its small ponds.
Villamil Playas is a beach with humid weather and warm water. Satiate your taste buds with some local food served at the restaurants near the beach.