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11 Best Things to Do in Steward Island, New Zealand

A bucket-list favorite!
Vageesha Mishra
Steward Island will have your heart racing! Set a few km away from New Zealand’s South Island, it is a fest of wilderness as the national park covers most of the land while there are just 400 dwellers!
An unmatchable experience awaits here in terms of unwinding in the comfort of unspoiled nature, rare native birds like Kiwis and astounding Southern Lights.
Close to the Golden Bay, Ulva island is blanketed in lush ancient forest and is apt for bird-gazing. Thriving in the safe havens of Ulva are rare native birds like kiwis, kakas and penguins, etc.
Rakiura Track Walks
The exhilarating hike along this track takes about 3 days to wrap up. It is based in Rakiura National Park which is a top attraction itself owing to pristine beaches, slopes and dramatic greenery.
Plenty of untouched beaches around here but the Bathing Beach is a tranquil spread of azure waters, soft sand and heart-racing beauty suited for relaxing sunbaths and salty baths.
An obvious recreational choice in the island whose shores are washed by fish rich waters. Many fishing charters lend out supplies and professional help for a hassle-free fishing experience.
Being with sharks!
Imagine, standing in a cage under water as a Great White Shark passes by! This once-in-a-lifetime experience is available in Steward Island. Regular scuba diving amongst rare marine life is a hit too.
A unique experience awaits at the theatre as it runs a special film from a dog’s perspective, "A Local's Tail.” It acquaints visitors with the local history. Many independent films also adorn the screen.
Bunkhouse Theatre
The small museum holds many stories, snapshots and artifacts of local history and the Maori culture. The Maori name of Steward Island is Rakiura which translates to glowing skies owing to the southern lights.
Rakiura Museum
Steward Island is the land of glowing skies! Do catch the pink and green hues break out in the sky as part of Southern Lights. Also catch the magnificent stars twinkling across.
Catching Southern Lights
Just like booking an exploratory ferry ride, the Island also arranges for charter flights to take in panoramic views of the sceneries by flying across the skies. They also allow for an island landing!
To the skies
Food bliss
Apart from an array of local seafood, the island is famous for offering fish and chips, a hit amongst the locals.
Try your hands at the art of carving over the island famous greenstone. The Rakiura Jade offers day long workshops and help visitors make their own trinkets from the greenstone.