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10 Best Tourist Attractions in Rotorua, New Zealand

There is never a dull moment in Rotorua.
Sreedevi Nair
Crystal lakes, steaming hot pools, enchanting forests, adventure zones and ethnic culture... these pretty much sums up Rotorua, New Zealand.
A charming town located in North Island of New Zealand, Rotorua is brimming with awesome attractions and experiences.
Blending culture, nature and adventure seamlessly, Rotorua offers loads of activities and experiences to be included in your travel bucket list.
Check out these handpicked selection of attractions you ought to visit on a Rotorua holiday.
Te Puia
One of the most popular geothermal experiences to witness, Te Puia combines nature’s enigma and New Zealand’s Maori culture beautifully at this Rotorua attraction.
Te Puia is a nature wonderland comprising of bubbling mud-lands and active geysers. It is also a place to get an insight into Maori culture.
Tamaki Maori Village
Spend a day surrounded in Maori ambiance. This village tour offers a fascinating and informative experience that introduces you to authentic Maori traditions and living.
Located on the edge of Okataina Volcanic Center, this natural thermal landscape will make your jaws drop with its stunning  steamy orange-green hot pools.
Lake Tarawera
Located at Mount Tarawera, this tranquil lake is the largest and the one of the most scenic Rotorua lakes. The beauty of the lake and its backdrops are awe-inspiring sights.
Kuirau Park
One of the most active geothermal attraction to visit, this public park is an ideal spot to watch dynamic geothermal activities.
Walk around and watch out for steaming bubbling landscapes that suddenly erupt bursting and shooting hot water jets into the sky.
Velocity Valley
Craving for some extreme adventures? Head to Velocity Valley for some adrenaline rushing adventure sports such as bungee jumping, jet sprint rides and freefall indoor sky diving.
Skyline Rotorua
An amazing attraction with a hint of adventure, Skyline Rotorua is a great spot for family time. Enjoy a range of activities here such as Gondola rides, Luge rides, ziplining and mountain biking.
Polynesian Spa
An idyllic New Zealand experience to soak in serene  Rotorua hot springs and relax your mind and body amid marvelous sceneries.
Indulge in some luxury geothermal pampering at this lavish nature spa that offers authentic geothermal pools and misty hot springs blended with New Zealand’s way of therapeutic wellness.
Rainbow Springs
Another fascinating attraction for family holidaymakers, get ready for close encounters with New Zealand’s exotic animals at this nature park. This park is popular for kiwi hatchery tours.
Redwoods Forest
Embrace and reconnect with nature at Redwoods Forest. This verdant forest of colossal redwood trees offers one of the most serene nature walks in Rotorua.
Call it ethereal or enigmatic, a trip to Rotorua is truly a journey through nature’s mystical beauty.