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Best White Sand Beaches in USA

Prabhakar Pillai
There are few sights prettier than a white sand beach. The US boasts of some magnificent white beaches.
Cape Hatteras National Seashore, North Carolina  
Here you will find over 70 miles of clean and secluded white sand beaches. The climate is mild all year. Popular activities include strolling, making sandcastles, taking a dip in the sea and relaxing.
Here the beach sand is soft, fine and as white as you can get.
Kauna’oa Beach, Hawaii
The pretty beach is popular for sunbathing. The length of the beach is less than a mile. The calm waters are ideal for swimming and snorkeling.
Carmel Beach, California
This is a pretty, long and wide beach on the West Coast. Visit it for scintillating sunsets. Visitors can enjoy viewing dolphins and otters in the waters.
Clearwater Beach, Florida
The beach is pedestrian friendly and well maintained. Popular activities include jet-skiing and parasailing. In 2018, Trip Advisor rated it as the nation's best beach.
Orange Beach, Alabama
The lovely beach stretches for about 9 miles. The sand is primarily composed of quartz originating from close-by Appalachian Mountains. Popular activities include deep-sea fishing and sunbathing.
Lanikai Beach, Oahu, Hawaii
This exquisite beach ranks among the best beaches in the world. Enveloped by calm and clear blue waters, conditions are ideal for kayaking, windsurfing and sailing.
Coronado Beach, San Diego
The famous beach stretches for 1.5 miles. The mica in the sand makes it sparkle in the sunshine. On offer are glorious scenery and a plethora of water sports.
Flamenco Beach, Puerto Rico
The secluded and attractive beach is located in Culebra Island. It boasts of turquoise waters and exquisite white sand. Flamenco is known to be super clean and having calm almost wave-less waters.  
Pensacola Beach, Florida
The place is famed for its picture perfect white beaches along with emerald-green waters. The beach is a popular destination for folk seeking solitude and relaxation. The food here is divine and the variety of activities offered here are impressive.