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Tips for Finding Cheap Disneyland Vacation Packages

Parul Solanki Jul 27, 2020
A Disney vacation is considered as the ultimate family treat. However, if you have a tight budget, then it is advisable to check out some cheap Disneyland vacation packages to avail a great bargain. These discount Disneyland family vacations can bring in a certain magic to your family time together.
"Disneyland is a show."
―Walt Disney
Family vacations are that time of the year, when the entire family gets together and cherishes the moments spend with one another. What better way to spend your treasured days, than in the fun-filled atmosphere of "the happiest place on earth", Disneyland. With its numerous rides and other attractions, a trip to Disneyland is a truly magical experience.
However, bringing the magic to your family can burn a hole in your pockets as well. Therefore, before you go ahead booking your tickets, be sure to check out some of the discount Disneyland vacation packages on offer. Who knows, with this research, you may be the lucky one to get some discount tickets for Disneyland parks.

Tricks to Finding Cheap Disneyland Vacation Packages

▪ The first step is to check out the official Disneyland resort website and view the packages that are offered there. You can, thereon, compare it with packages offered in other sites or with other tour operators.
Be sure that when considering any vacation package, take note of the hotels, the airfares, the theme park admission prices, transportation, and meal costs as well. Beware of the 'hidden' fees, such as processing fees by travel agencies, whether online or office-based, to make sure you're not being overcharged.
▪ A great way to find inexpensive vacation packages in Disneyland is to talk to a Disney representative. Disney resorts offer a large staff, devoted to help you find a cheap Disney vacation package, in just 20 minutes. Inform the representative about your preferred travel dates, number of people traveling, and what type of package you are looking for.
You may actually get a vacation package that suits your budget just right. Remember to check whether the package is a basic package, without meals, and whether it comes with discount tickets and discount coupons for Disneyland parks.
▪ You can also try for some company discounts, with many large companies having some sort of travel centers or discount ticket programs.
▪ There are a many good deals available on online auction sites. Just search the travel section and you can find lot of cheap, value-added vacations. As always, purchase from reputable sellers, and be sure to check the ratings and customer feedback to ensure that others have had a good experience buying a cheap Disney vacation package from the seller.
▪ Look into the vacation packages offered by local travel agents or AAA travel agents to find discount Disneyland packages. However, these travel agents usually work for a commission, so you may end up paying a bit more for your vacation, by using their services.
▪ A somewhat rigorous but effective method of finding discounted Disneyland vacations, is to know exactly what you want included in your vacation package.
This can be done by adding up how much it would cost, to purchase the different components individually, that is the price the hotel, car rental, and dining options, one-by-one. You can then choose to cut down on the options that you do not require.
▪ A Disney vacation can also be cheaper for you if you can avoid traveling during the peak seasons, that is during Christmas, New Year, or the March break.
You can take advantage of discounted Disneyland vacation packages, that are available on lean, off-peak seasons, or as what the travel industry insiders call 'value' season. This usually comes in fall, when students go back to school, a main cause of a drop in tourists.
Also visiting Disneyland resorts during birthdays or special days like engagements, allows you to receive free admission and other special treats.
While planning your trip, remember that discounts vary throughout the year, so be sure to check for information closer to your tentative trip time to ensure that the deal you have found is still available and not subject to any blackout dates, which usually occur during Christmas or New Year.
You can select from any of these inexpensive Disneyland vacation packages, and not only avail great bargains, but also enjoy the magic of family time together.