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Cheapest Places to Live in the US

Chaitrali Datar Jun 20, 2020
While you must have probably thought about living in a top-class city in the States such as SFO or the NYC, it might not be on cards for a family as a whole.
Fortunately the US has affordable, and economically suitable options, which offer great job prospects, low living costs and a host of viable lifestyle options.
These metro areas offer you a comfortable choice without stretching your wallet, career sacrifices or compromising quality family life.
These places also have affordable housing options, cheap transportation costs, and other day to day expenses, which will fit in your family budget.
Which cities are these? We take a look.
Top Attributes:

Low cost living, affordable rent along with low gas prices.
1. Memphis, Tennessee
  • Memphis has no state,city or county income tax.

  • The Goods and Services are also cheaper than the rest of the Tennessee state and the entire US.
Memphis also has mild winters and bright sunny days. Also, it has low mortgage rates, this makes it easy for families and retirees to settle down here. It is also a top city for bargaining!!!
2. Indianapolis, Indiana
Top Attributes

Located near geographical center of State, perfect for residents to commute to work, well-maintained highways.
It also has a stunning variety of urban, semi-urban and semi-rural neighborhoods which appeal to different types of residents.
  • From Housing to Gas to servicing of the cars, and a movie ticket, everything costs at a minimum price as compared to other US cities.
  • The overall quality of life is also one of the best with beautiful parks for a stroll.
  • The job scenario is also satisfactory.
  • It is a bustling city with millennial's opting to settle down here due to affordable living.
3. Lowa City, IOWA
Top Attributes

Affordable Public Schools, Top medical care, a thriving and vibrant downtown.
The biggest attribute of Iowa is the lowest rate of unemployment and extremely hard-working professionals.
The City of Iowa city encourages housing developers to review local, state and federal financing which increase the supply and availability of affordable housing in IC.
  • Residents can experience a perfect combo of the urban suburban living, along with lot of affordable, restaurants and coffee shops and entertainment options.
4. Columbus, Ohio
Top Attributes

Ohio has the most educated populace. It is also an emerging knowledge economy.  
The costs for housing, transportation and basic utilities is comparatively low than the national average.
  • It is one of the fastest growing cities in US and the 4th largest housing market.
  • Columbus's strong point is the steady population growth, alongside income and housing growth which is why it is able to maintain a balance in affordable living.
5. San Antonio, Texas
Top Attributes

Biggest city in Texas. Has four Army and Air Force bases and home to lot of military families. Low Mortgage rates.  
  • San Antonio has a steady job scene with a thriving tourism industry along with various important industries such as aerospace, bio sciences and manufacturing.
  • Rents and Fuel costs are very low adding to the savings.
Groceries and Food are a lot cheaper along with fine dining as you pay amazingly low to eat!
6. Buffalo, New York
Top Attributes.

Buffalo was named as the 'Best cities to relocate to America, 'Most Secure places to live'and also the Ideal Lifestyle City by Sterling's best places.  
It is the most reliable demographic data collection company of United States.
What are Sterling's Best Places?
Buffalo is an emerging cluster of various healthcare organizations, and universities which have created various employment opportunities and brought back stabilized job prospects.
The Buffalo Real Estate market is also affordable for families with very viable commuting time (max 20 min) to school, college or work.
Other Top Factors
  • Residents spend very less on healthcare and transportation which adds up to their savings.
  • Suitable weather (four season region)
  • It has the best of both worlds- big city opportunities along with small town vibe.
  • Kansas City (low cost food and entertainment options, low mortgage)
  • Dayton (Affordable Healthcare)
  • Omaha (thriving and stable job scene)
  • Louisville (low food costs, low basic utilities)
  • Greenville (stable real estate)
Other Cities at a Glance