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Cleanest Cities in the World

Chaitrali Datar May 22, 2020
Keeping a city clean should be the top priority of any government and also of the citizens, as a lot depends on a hygienic environment.
Clean Cities
In recent years, more and more countries are adopting to sustainable living styles amidst the rising pollution level concerns.
Top 8 Clean Cities in the World -
A Glance
  • Calgary
  • Luxembourg
  • Adelaide
  • Freiburg
  • Kobe
  • Wellington
  • Singapore
  • Paris
Calgary, Canada
 Top Parameters:
  • Health management
  • Sewage system
  • Quality waste removal
  • Recycling
  • Eco-friendly energy system
Situated between the confluence of 2 rivers, Calgary has a very clean and fresh environment. Controlling air pollution and traffic congestion are the two main principles of this city.
Telecommunications, Energy and Financial services are the major economic drivers in the country. The residents follow cleanliness rules quite strictly here.
Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
Top Parameters:
  • Sustainable vehicles
  • Green landscaping
  • Waste management
One of the least polluted cities of the world, Luxembourg is called  the 'Green Heart of Europe'. The city taxes the vehicles based on the amount of carbon-dioxide emitted from them.
The city has numerous forests which contribute to its clean air. It has a solid waste management system in place which is one of the driving factors for keeping the city clean.
Adelaide, Australia
Top Parameters:
  • Waste recycling
  • Green architecture
The city's architectural layout is in sync with the environment, with a priority given to parks and walking areas. 85% of the city's waste is converted through recycling.
The city is well-known for immaculate cleanliness and the citizens abide by the cleanliness rules too.
Freiburg, Germany
Top Parameters:
  • Eco-friendly housing and vehicles
  • Wind energy
The city is in the process of producing electric vehicles and shifting to generate electricity completely through wind and solar energy.
Freiburg is also in the process of production of electric vehicles and trains in the near future for reducing pollution levels.
Kobe, Japan
Top Parameters:
  • Technological management
  • Sewage management
  • Usage of green fuel
Kobe has an efficient traffic management system in place for smooth flow of transportation facility, which are environment friendly.
This city is one of the most well-known tourist attractions and the city has been applauded for keeping pollution at an all time low level.
Wellington, New Zealand
 Top Parameters:
  • Garbage disposal measures
  • High water quality
  • Well-maintained gardens
One of the cleanest cities of New Zealand, Wellington is known for its nature and high maintenance of roads. It has the world's best garbage disposal systems in place.
Public transport is highly developed, consisting of electric and diesel vehicles. A well known tourist destination, there are several parks contributing to the clean atmosphere of the city.
Singapore, Singapore
Top Parameters:
  • Strict littering laws
  • Effective car production
  • Water quality
It is one of the most advanced cities in Asia and well-known for its law and order.
Citizens enjoy high-profile lifestyle courtesy, zero pollution levels and top water quality. You cannot even litter a tiny speck of dust, else you are sure to be fined heavily.
Paris, France
Top Parameters:
  • Daily cleaning of roads
  • Well maintained park
  • Garbage disposal
One of the most popular cities in Europe, Paris has well-maintained roads and majestic architectures.
Paris has green recycling areas used for glass recycling. There are  various relaxation centers with a large number of parks and gardens which contribute to the clean environment.
  • Oslo, Norway (population control)
  • Helsinki, Finland (landscaping)
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (strict littering laws)
  • Sapporo, Japan (green automobiles)
  • Honolulu (maintenance of green spaces)
  • Dubai, UAE (Solar powered city)
  • Vienna, Austria (top quality drinking water)
  • Indore, India (strict waste segregation)
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