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Deliciously Bizarre Foods You Must Try in Jamaica

Prachi Dharap Mar 27, 2024
Jamaica is a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. The foreign settlers, brought their own food techniques to the Caribbean island. Explore the cuisine which is now an integral part of the Jamaican culture.
Jerk Chicken
The traditional and definitely the most popular dish from Jamaica is the Jerk Chicken which is marinated with the Jamaican jerk spice.
The breadfruit is starchy and full of nutrition. The best part of it? You can use it in soups, or eat it grilled.
Jamaican festivals are fried dumplings which are crisp and a little sweet.
Introduced to the Jamaican cuisine by the Spanish Jewish settlers; the dish consists of a whole fried fish. It is lightly topped with pickled vegetables.
Escovitch Fish
Oxtail Stew
Oxtail with its rich, meaty flavor makes hearty stews. Jamaicans stew it for a long time for tender and delicious meat.

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Run Down
The robust stew is cooked in coconut milk until the fish falls apart, which inspired the locals to call the stew “Run Down”.
Ackee and Codfish
The seed part from Ackee fruit is cooked with salted fish. The dish resembles scrambled eggs but is an acquired taste.
The canapes are usually made with a fish pate called Solomon Gundy. The term probably was coined from ‘Salmagundi’ which is a salad with a lot of ingredients.
Solomon Gundy
The traditional dish of salted fish fritters derives its name from the 18th-century British sailing officers, who shouted “Stamp and Go!” when things had to be done quickly.
Stamp and Go
Gizzada or Grizzada, is a Jamaican open tart. The baked pastry is filled with coconut and spices.
The deliciously moist cake is served at every family get together. The recipe is unique to every family. Typically it is made with coconut, molasses and flour.