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Discover the Beautiful Village of Riquewihr in France

Nestled between the mountains of Vosges and plain of Alsace in the heart of the Alsatian vineyards is a quaint medieval town called Riquewihir. It is one of the most beautiful villages in France.
Maya Pillai Jun 20, 2020
Riquewihr is a picturesque village famous for its half-timbered houses that date back to 15th century. Taking a stroll around this quaint village will give you an insight into its beauty.
Half-Timbered Houses
The village is surrounded by the ruins of its ramparts from the 13th century.
Riquewihr is a fairy tale village of brightly colored half-timbered houses with flowers and cobbled streets. The houses are in bright shades of red, yellow and blue. These houses belong to the renaissance period.
Rue du Général de Gaulle
Rue du Général de Gaulle connects the museum to the Town Hall and is the main street of Riquewihr. The buildings here exude warmth.The quaint houses have bay windows, arched doorways and timbered walls. They were constructed between 16th and mid 17th century.
Hugel et Fils
A French wine producer established in the mid 17th century, this is the place for wine aficionados. Hugel et Fils is known for the flavors and quality of the wine it produces.
The wine tasting room in the premises allow the visitors to sample some of the finest wines of this area.
Musée du Dolder
Musée du Dolder also known as the ‘Museum of France’. It houses some of the artifacts and historical items such as medieval weapons and guns.
The museum also exhibits the various objects that illustrate the town's growth and transformation between 12th and 17th century.
Butterfly Gardens
Jardin des Papillons is a garden where you discover the fascinating life of the butterflies. There are butterflies of various hues and colors, zig zaging around you freely among the flowers here. Butterflies from Asian, African and American continents can be seen here.
The Christmas shop/ La féerie de Noël
Adjacent to the Dolder is a quaint shop that is open on all days around the year. It has preserved the original interior design and decoration to this day. You can buy handmade Xmas decorations here.
The House of Uncle Hansi
A beautiful museum dedicated to the writer and caricaturist Colmar Jean-Jacques Waltz or Hansi. The museum has six-rooms and his caricatures are displayed here. His house is called "To the Stork's nest." There is a boutique here that sells exclusive reproduction of his work along with other souvenirs.
Your trip to Riquewihr will not be incomplete without visiting Alsace restaurants and vineyards. It has both French as well as German influence when it comes to culture and food.
Alsatian Pizza for a Foodie
Tarte Flambé is the pizza of Alsace. The crust is thin and covered with rich sour cream, loaded with cheese, onions and bacon.
Alsian dessert Kugelhopf is similar to the Bundt cake. It is baked with almonds, raisins and sprinkled with powdered sugar.
Shopping in Riquewihr
If you are looking for souvenirs, the ideal shop is the Xmas shop. Buy mouth-melting macrons from one of the many confectioneries here to take back. Some confectioneries may even allow you to sample their savories/confectioneries.
Wine lovers can buy a bottle or two of premium quality wine from one of the wintubs or wineries.