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Discover the Wonders of Kotor, Montenegro

Abhishek Velankar May 4, 2020
Traveling to Kotor is like traveling back in time to a medieval Europe only heard in stories. With the wall surrounding the city, the old streets and the various old buildings, Kotor is a wondrous sight. If adventure is your thing, Kotor is a must-visit.
Kotor Old town best encapsulates the old-timey feel of Kotor. The great walls of Kotor can be seen here and just roaming the street and stopping at the various shops, both old and modern is a pleasant experience.
Piazza of the Arms is the main square in the old town. Here, you can see the various old buildings such as a clock tower, a theater as well as pastry shops.
The Kotor Old Town City Walls can be climbed, albeit with a lot of steps. However, once you get on top you are treated to the sight of the whole of Kotor before you. Also worth seeing is the Kampana Tower which is part of the walls.
Kotor houses two museums that are indicative of the city. First is the Maritime Museum which tells the history of the seamen of the town, as well as housing ships in glassed cages.
The second is the the cat museum. One might notice the abundant cats in the town and it's fitting then that they have their own museum.
Our Lady of the Rocks is a man-made island in the bay of Kotor. It is named for the namesake church it houses on the island and the adjoining museum which contains art from local artists.
At the end of Old town and beyond the walls lies the San Giovanni (or St. John in English) Fortress. The climb however is 1300 steps so one must needs be well prepared for the climb, but that's what makes the climb so fascinating. Once at the top, the views are enthralling.
If that isn't enough hiking for you, located nearby is the Jezerski mountain, on top of which is the Njegos Mausoleum. The hike here is a much-more manageable 460 steps and there's a cafe at the bottom to stock supplies. At the top, the view is divine.