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Dubai Frame: Quick Facts and Ultimate Travel Guide

Planning a visit to the Dubai Frame? Here is a quick guide along with the facts you should know about this 2018 masterpiece of Dubai.
Vinita Tahalramani

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Dubai will never settle for anything less than first place.
Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Called by the names 'Dubai Photo Frame', 'Berwaz Dubai' and also marking its place as 'The Biggest Picture Frame on the Planet', Dubai makes the first place.
Standing tall in the Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame catches the eye of everyone in Dubai.
This architectural wonder holds important landmarks of Dubai from old to new ones in one frame.
The Dubai Frame is designed by Fernando Donis, who won the competition representing 'new face of Dubai'. The design that won him the title that revolves around framing the city with its past and present.
Supporting Fact
You Should Know
The complete structure has a golden stainless steel cladding.
Do admire the beautiful colors when on a visit to the place.
The frame consists of 2 glass towers of 150 meters connected by 93 meter long bridge.
Something worth the visit is the awestruck view of the city from the bridge.
Where one side of the frame shows you the modern city, including the Sheik Zayed Road, the other side includes the landmark area of Deira, Umm Hurair and Karama.
The ground floor museum of the frame tells you the tales of the city development.
Thanks to the technology, as 3D images bring the past alive for you. An amazing way to know the Emirati Heritage.
Treat for a technophile!
Moving further, the Sky Deck, boasting about the present of Dubai, gives you the uninterrupted views of the city from all sides.
The structure of Sky Deck was lifted and set as one piece.
Interesting Fact
The support of the AR screens gets you through the important buildings of Dubai to identify and explore.
The Vortex Tunnel gives you a virtual tour of the future of Dubai, specifically 50 years from now, which includes the flying taxi and lot more. A never before experience!
The Futuristic Dubai
The panoramic elevators cover the 48 floors in 75 seconds. Don't count the seconds on your way up, as you are going to miss the phenomenal views around.
  • Burj Khalifa
  • Deira
  • Emirates Towers
  • Al Karama
Important buildings to see from the bridge
Do not miss a selfie or a picture of the frame and views from the Sky Deck with the noteworthy skyscrapers of Dubai.
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Book a Breakfast at the Bridge
Yes, you read it right!
You can book a breakfast from 6AM to 8AM. This could be a romantic date or a family treat with some coffee and pastries.
You can buy tickets from the counter of the site, but it is highly recommended to pre-book it online to skip the waiting time.
Dubai, with yet another structure that adorns the skyline of the city, should be in your travel bucket-list now!