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Exciting Plan for Trip to Castillo San Felipe Del Morro, Puerto Rico

Priyadarshini Bopardikar
San Felipe Del Morro fortress is a jewel in itself and a hallmark in history of San Juan. The small castles in the vicinity are another feather to the beauty. As the fortress is well placed on Island, is simply like a paradise within the sea and a call for history lovers, sea lovers.

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Lovely Entrance of San Felipe Del Morro

The main entrance of San Felipe Del Morro alias "EI Morro" takes you back to the historic period. The saying 'Old is Gold' stands true for this fortress because it still glows with glory and attracts tourists.
The entrance of "EI Morro" is surrounded by lush green lawns where visitors can relax for sometime and enjoy the fresh air. You can fly a kite here as soldiers used to do back then.

Cool Fortress at Lower Water Level

The lower level of water at which the fortress is located, lets you touch the Caribbean Sea. A huge space here was earlier used by the Soldiers for Military Installation. San Juan De La Cruz alias 'EI Canuelo' - a fort made up of stone on another island is another gem in itself.

Garita - A Guard's Room

There is a room from where the guards used to keep a watch on enemy and protect the fortress which is now called as Garita. Children like to play hide and seek here. It is also a perfect spot for a selfie with an iconic sea view.

6 Stories of San Felipe Del Morro

EI Morro has amazing 6 levels connected by ramps and steeps. It is recommended to use proper shoes so as to ensure safe walk. Beautiful castle that you see today is the result of hardwork of so many labours. Hats off to the current staff who has maintained the place as neat and clean.
Each level has a beautiful old style kitchen. Looking at the kind of utensils and racks etc., you go back to the centuries when preparing food using chimneys, tunnels was a huge task.

Enjoy the Graceful Sea View

The Caribbean Sea view is simply mesmerzing may it be from any storey or from the top of the fortress. Cool breeze blowing over the sea will simply refresh you like never before.

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Go Hiking from EI Morro to San Juan

A call to hikers to get ready for an exciting hiking journey from around the fortress till San Juan gate. It is recommended to have good hiking boots, sunblock and water bottle.

Grab a Chance to Visit Sister Fortress

After the interesting visit of San Felipe Del Morro, tourists also visit 'San Cristobal' - the sister fortress in the same premises. No separate admission charges are required to visit this fortress.
The way to enter Castillo San Cristobal is through a tunnel. Although the tunnel can sometimes be uneven or wet, it can still be an exciting experience. Just make sure you use proper walking shoes. This sister fortress has a splendid architecture. Although the construction is very old, there seems to be a spark in those amazing tunnels, cannons, towers.

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There are some restaurants outside the fortress San Cristobal where you can enjoy delicious food. There is a lot of variety of food for all vegetarians as well as non-vegetarians.