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Explore the Beauty of Milos, Greece

Milos is in the Aegean Sea, a couple of hours away from Santorini and about halfway between Athens and Crete. 
And, you can get there by both ferry and by plane, and is a great place to include in an island hopping itinerary as well.
Other than being famous for its exquisite natural beauty, Milos is also where the statues, Venus de Milo and Asclepius of Milos were unearthed, contributing to its popularity as a tourist spot.
Venus De Milo
Getting Around the Island
Public transport and taxis remain the most convenient modes of transport in Milos, especially if you plan to stay in the Adamas.
However, you can also hire buggies and ATVs to explore the island, if you plan to areas outside of the main towns.
This also works because as miles of this beautiful island can often be experienced and explored in happy solitude!
Exploring the Island: Sarakiniko Beach
The most famous one at Milos, it is a unique beach made of lava, with cliffs and clear water, perfect to jump into!
And, getting there from Adamas is just a bus ride away!
Tsigrado Beach
This remote beach is pretty inaccessible and makes for a great adventure when exploring the island of Milos. 
Firiplaka Beach
One of the most stunning beaches in Milos, the Firiplaka Beach is a perfect crescent of the bay with bright blue water and brown rocks that make up the shore.
It is best explored by ATV or car, and is fairly easy to get there.
Local Villages
One of the best things to do in Milos is exploring local authentic greek villages dotting the island, that are filled with traditional charm and incredible views of the sea.
Kleftiko Caves
These unique caves, accessible by boat, have traditionally been a pirate hideout and also are a refuge for seals.
Pro-tip: These crystal clear waters offer wonderful snorkelling opportunities as well.
When to Visit Milos?
The best weather for Milos, like with all Greece is from May to October, although it may be windy from August to October.