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Facts about Magnificent Garden of the Gods, Colorado Springs

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Tourists from around the world visit the Garden of the Gods. This landmark is located west of Colorado Springs. It is an amazing attraction with rock formations that reach the sky in an impossible, yet in an astonishing way. This beautiful 1,367-acre destination is open all year round and can be visited for free.

Ancient Natural Formations

The massive rock formations date back millions of years were formed along a fault line and were tilted vertically during the formation of Pikes Peak and the Rocky Mountains.

The Red Shade

The Balanced Rock, a fountain formation is known for its red hue due to the presence of hematite.

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Native American Settlement

This ancient natural attraction has always attracted Native Americans to settle here. Ancient native artifacts from 250 B.C. have been found in this region.

The Ute Connection

The Ute believed the red rocks had spiritual properties and man was created in the Garden of the Gods.

Deeded as a Free Park

The land was bought by Charles Elliott Perkins in 1879. After his death, his children deeded the land to the City of Colorado Springs in 1909 under the provision that it would forever remain a free public park.

The Story Behind the Name

This region was initially called the Red Rock Corral. In 1859, two surveyors of the area found the place suitable ‘for the Gods to assemble’. Thus, unknowingly coining the name ‘Garden of the Gods’.

The 'Dino' Connection

Professor James Kerr from the Colorado College discovered the skull of only known remains of the dinosaur Theiophytalia kerri in 1878 in this wonder Garden.

A Popular Tourist Destination

Over 2 million visitors a year, visit the Garden of Gods for hiking, technical rock climbing, horseback riding, as well as mountain biking.

Abundant Flora and Fauna

There are five ecosystems in this region that together contribute to its rich flora and fauna.
In the year 2014, Garden of the Gods was voted Top Park in the United States. Do make sure you visit this National Natural Landmark, as a trip to Colorado is not complete until you explore the Garden of the Gods.