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Famous Buildings of Singapore

Come along for a visual tour of some of the famous buildings in the beautiful city of Singapore.
Pragya Singh Jun 27, 2020
Marina Bay Sands
With a total of 55 floors, it hosts world's largest rooftop swimming pool. There is also a mall, an art-science museum, jogging paths and world's largest atrium casino.
One can get a wide range of books, all of them on performing arts...there's an entire library here!!
Gardens by the Bay
Spanning across 101 hectares, the area is almost equivalent to around 188 football fields!! THAT'S REAL BIG...
Raffles Hotel
It was designated as the national monument by the Singapore Government in 1987.
Mariamman Temple
The oldest Hindu temple in SIngapore, it is dedicated to Goddess Mariamman, known for curing epidemic illnesses and diseases.
Being the second oldest building in the country, this was initially a girls' school run by French catholic nuns.
Changi Airport
The airport has a rooftop pool, a relaxing jacuzzi, and also the world's first ever airport-based butterfly garden.
With magnificent buildings and landmarks, Singapore sure is a treat to the eyes. Go ahead to get an idea of some of these...
The mythical creature is half fish and half lion...
Merlion Park
Singapore Flyer
Offers a panaromic view of the city.
It is made of 650 tonnes of stainless steel and 1000 tonnes of carbon steel.
Helix Bridge
Fullerton Hotel
Built in 1829, it is a heritage hotel with 400 rooms.