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Fascinating Facts about Cambridge

Sai Kardile Jul 28, 2020
A heady mix of erudition, entrancing architecture, and English charm—Cambridge is, without a doubt, one of the prettiest cities in the world.
The fabled university city of Cambridge abounds in lush verdant spaces and quaint shopping precincts that drive tourists in droves!
And as travel buffs, we are gagging to share with you some fascinating facts about Cambridge, its namesake university, and the whole caboodle that comes with it.
But there's so much more about this historic city that we bet you don't know about!
#1: Cambridge was once known as Grantabrycge, meaning bridge over the River Granta. In Latin, Cambridge is called Cantabrigia and also the reason why anyone holding a degree from Cambridge University is referred to as Cantab.
#2: After the university city was rechristened, the River Granta, too, underwent a name change—and came to be known as the River Cam. Guess, it made more sense to have the river named after the city than otherwise.
#3: There's a funny episode in the history of Cambridge University. Celebrated poet Lord Byron kept an unusual animal as his pet—a tame bear!
His choice of companion was in response to a rule laid down by Trinity College, Cambridge that forbade students from bringing their canine friends.
#4: About 29% of the Cambridge population uses cycle for their daily commute. Its unique cycling culture has gained it the title as the Cycling Capital of England.
#5: Cambridge has given the highest number of Nobel Laureates. The count stands at 109 in all the six categories including Physics, Medicine, Chemistry, Peace, Literature, and Economics.
#6: Contrary to popular lore, the Mathematical Bridge wasn't built by Sir Isaac Newton but was designed and constructed by William Etheridge and James Essex.
Although, there's a strong possibility that Newton may have been the inspiration behind the complex structure.
#7: The University of Cambridge and other colleges are home to over 100 libraries. The University Library is a legal deposit library meaning that it holds either a print or digital copy of every book published in the UK.
#8: Football has its provenance in the heart of Cambridge. A bunch of students from the University of Cambridge wrote and nailed 11 rules on the trees in Parker's Piece. The Football Association still follows most of the original rules.
#9: Cambridge is a punting paradise. Punting on the iconic River Cam is an unmissable experience, which is why there are more punts in Cambridge than anywhere else in the UK.
#10: The Cambridge Cluster or Silicon Fern (inspired by the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, USA) is the confluence of science and technology.
In recent years, this area has become an innovation ecosystem nurturing startups and strengthening tech powerhouses.
#12: One of the most fascinating and daring pranks played in the history of Cambridge will have to be the hoisting of an Austin Seven car onto the roof of the Senate House.
Needless to say, the police weren't thrilled as they spent nearly a week figuring out how to bring it down and eventually had to cut it into pieces using blowtorches.