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Fascinating Facts About Malaysia

Chaitra Suraj Saxena Oct 31, 2020
A prominent presence in southeast Asia for its economic and cultural features, there are quite a few interesting Malaysian facts to know.
Malaysia is one of the most popular tourist destination-countries in the world.
Kuala Lumpur is the Malaysian capital. Also called KL, the city is the largest in the country and is the cultural, economic, and financial center as well.
Capital City
Moreover, KL is a federal territory, home to the country’s parliament, and also houses the official residence, the Istana Negara of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong-the Supreme Head or King.
The country has a distinctive monarchy system where the nine ethnic Malay state kings rule the country alternatively/in rotation every five years.
The Monarchy
Malaysia is a multi-cultural, diverse, and multi-ethnic country. There is not one Malaysian religion despite Islam being the state religion, for people of different religious beliefs and groups make for Malaysian population.
State Religion
Around half of the population is ethnically Malay, then there are Chinese, Indians, and Orang Asal, the ‘original people’ or the aboriginals of the country residing in Peninsular Malaysia, Sabah, and Sarawak.
Malaysia was colonized under the erstwhile British empire from 18th century. The country eventually attained independence on August 31, 1957.
Later in 1963, when Malayan Union was replaced by the Federation of Malaya, a formal contest was organised to design the Malaysian flag.
National Flag
Mohamad Hamzah, a 29 years old architect won the contest and his design went on to become the Malaysian flag.
Geographically, the country deservedly boasts of such incredible contrasts. While, there is the glitz and glamor of KL, beaches, and cosmopolitan culture in west Malaysia, on the other hand there is the beauty of wilderness and rainforests of Borneo.
The national currency, 'Ringgit' means ‘jagged’ in Malay.
There are four UNESCO accredited World Heritage Sites in Malaysia, namely the Lenggong Valley, the Kinabalu Parke, Melaka and George town, and Gunung Mulu National Park.
National Park
Sarawak cave chamber, known far and wide for being the largest cave chamber-area wise in the world, is located in Gunung Mulu National Park.
Now for the highest heights in the country! While the natural highpoint is Mount Kinabalu at about 13,440 feet, the manmade highpoint came to be in 2004 with the twin towers of Petronas at 1483 feet.
Highest Points
Some more Nuggets of Unique Information About Malaysia
A tropical country, it is home to the most magnificent striped orange cat, Malayan Tiger.
From being home to one of the tallest trees in the world, the Tualang, to one of the world’s largest population of King Cobras, and a shopping, cultural, and food haven; there is much to explore, know, and see in the country.