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Fascinating Things to Know About Jaipur, India

Your gateway to Indian Extravaganza!
Chaitrali Datar Jun 20, 2020
One of the most charming and colorful cities in India, Jaipur is a much sought-after travel destination.
It is frequented by Indians and foreigners alike!
It is a marvelous land of rich Indian palaces, important monuments, and forts all seeped in history.
Would you like to know some interesting trivia about this wonderful city?
  • Jaipur is the 1st planned city in India.
  • It is constructed following the rules of Astrology.
  • It was completed over a period of 4 years, marking the year 1730.
The city was built under the able guidance of Vidyadhar Bhattacharya, an architect from Bengal.
Jaipur is named after its founder, the brave warrior and astronomer, Sawai Jai Singh 2.
  • Jaipur is also popularly called as the 'Pink City of India'.
  • The Story goes , In the year 1876, Prince Albert was to undertake a tour of India.....
  • Maharaja Sawai Ram Jaisingh 2, the then ruler of Jaipur painted the entire city in pink to welcome the royal guest.
  • Pink is considered to be the color of hospitality.
The Jaipur Metro is one of the fastest and most efficient build metros in India with a record time of 4 years.
Do not be surprised if you find the beautiful Indian national bird in full glory while visiting any of the places in Jaipur especially near the palaces.
Hawa Mahal : The most popular tourist attraction in Jaipur and India.
One of the most well-known buildings for its architecture and immaculate design, it is the highlight of the Jaipur city.
  • It comprises of 953 windows.
  • It was built by Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh in the year 1799.
  • It is a beautiful fusion of Islamic, Mughal and Rajput architectural styles.
  • One of the most outstanding inventions, of historic Indian culture, the concept of Jantar Mantar is based on the North Star.
  • It is an astronomy museum albeit any instruments, a concept used by the then Maharajas to find out time.
Jantar Mantar
  • It is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the entire premise that tells the time is inferred by the formation of the shadows of the sun.
  • Chand Baori is one of the largest step walls in the world build in the Abhaneri village of Rajasthan. 
  • Its exquisite geometrical build is what attracts tourists from all over the world.
  • Baori means Queen's step-well. It was constructed in 8th century to provide water to the arid regions of Rajasthan.
  • It consists of 3500 steps in a perfect symmetry.
  • Jaipur is home to the largest saline lake in India, Sambhar.
  • It is located at a distance of 60 km from the city.

  • Another popular attraction in Jaipur is the Amer Fort.
  • It is located around 10 km from Jaipur and is an extremely magnificent palace build by Man Singh 1.
The fort looks extremely mesmerizing against the backdrop of the Maota lake which is situated at the entrance of the Fort.
Do not miss the elephant rides at the Amer Fort. You will enjoy them thoroughly!
Folk artists performing in one of the palaces in Jaipur. They are extremely popular in hotels and other tourist places in Jaipur.
You are in the Royal city of India and it is home to some of the most luxurious hotels in the world.
Some recommended Hotels are
  • RamBagh Palace.
  • Jai Mahal Palace.
  • Alsisar Haveli
  • Jas Vilas
  • Diggi Palace ( it also holds the Jaipur Literature Festival every year)
  • Jaipur is a part of the Golden Triangle of India, meaning it is one of the most visited cities nationally and internationally.
  • The other two cities in this trio are Delhi and Agra.
  • The Golden triangle is also the sought after road trips in India.
  • It has a solid network of highways and roads which makes it enjoyable.
When in Jaipur do not miss the sumptuous Rajasthani Thali!
Best season to visit- November to January first week.
Here is what Jaipurians have to say this to you:
''Padharo Mhare Des".
(You are welcome to my city!)