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Fun Facts About Austria

On hearing upon the country's name, the thoughts that instantaneously run through our minds are the architectural grandeur, classical music and the delectable chocolate cake. Let's flip through some fun facts about Austria.
Richa Deokar Jul 28, 2020
Living in Austria is Enticing
Tagged as one of the most livable cities in the world, Vienna clasps a quarter of the entire population of Austria. The country also poses extreme high standards of living because of exceptional housing facilities, a breathable social and political environment, health arrangements and solid economy.
Flow with the Flow
Flowing in three different stages, falling from 380m, the Krimml Waterfalls are hands down, one of the most visited tourist spots of Austria. Boasting as the tallest waterfall in the whole of Europe, it attracts close to half a million vacationers every year.
Workaholic Much?
Austria houses more hard working people than found in entire Europe combined, working 45 hours per week on an average.  This also accounts for the second lowest unemployment in any European country after Luxembourg.
Spread approximately over 26 miles, the gigantic Eisriesenwelt ice cave in Werfen is the largest in the world. It is a perfect family excursion spot. For a guided tour of the cave visit site.
Eisriesenwelt Ice Cave
1752 marks the starting point of Tiergarten Schönbrunn, which is the oldest zoological garden in the world. It has a history of functioning as an imperial menagerie.
The Oldest Operational Zoo
Columbus, Faust and Mozart Dined Here!
Serving intermittently and known as the oldest existing restaurant in the world, St. Peter Stiftskulinarium in Salzburg has been serving exquisite delicacies and vintage liquid refreshments since the past 1200 years.
Vienna - The City of Dreams
Sigmund Freud, the world's first Psychoanalyst was born in Vienna, which invariably earned it the title of "The City of Dreams".
Skiing is the most sought-after sport in Austria going back more than a  hundred years in history. When in Austria, don't miss this experience.
Alpine Skiing, Anyone?
The Austrian Flag is one of the oldest subsisting flags in the world and was brought forth in the 12th century. It holds significance and got its colors following the battle that smeared the tunic of Duke Leopold V with blood.
Long Live Austria
With more graves than the living population, Vienna quarters the second largest cemetery in all of Europe bedding a couple million graves.  Funerary businesses are flourishing because death is an intriguing subject for the Viennese and the proceedings are planned well in advance.
Zentralfriedhof - The Final Destination
The Land of Mighty Inventions
Austria has to its credit some remarkable scientific inventions by people born in the country. The Doppler Effect, sewing machine, psychoanalysis, alkaline batteries to name a few.
Vienna has been the capital of classical music since time immemorial. Some of the greatest musicians of the world namely Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Haydn, Strauss were either born or lived in Austria.
Where Music Dwells!
Austria is home to the world’s largest emerald, a 2,860-carat sparkling green gem.  The prestigious gem can be beheld at the Imperial Palace  in Vienna.
A Breathtaking Affair