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Fun Things to Do in Bohol, Philippines

Abhishek Velankar May 6, 2020
The Bohol province of the Philippines hosts among its many islands lush green scenery, forests, wildlife as well as hills and caves.
The Chocolate Hills are the most famous attraction in Bohol. They are so named because of the brown chocolate-ish color they take during the dry season. After the pleasant drive up to the hills, one can climb the 200 or so stairs up to one of the observation decks and take in the whole scene.
Loboc River Cruise is a cruise that takes one up and down the river. There's a buffet on board, serving delicious seafood. The boat makes stops and the local singers and dancers come out to entertain.
Philippine Tarsier Sanctuary is located in Corella. Tarsiers are a small, cute species of primate indigenous to Bohol. Being nocturnal, they usually sleep during the daytime. Taking photos is allowed as long as the Tarsiers aren't disturbed.
Nalusuan Island is a man-made island/resort. Here one can go scuba-diving and snorkeling.
Rajah Sikutana National Park is a forest area where hiking trails are available. The park contains many local birds that are endangered.
Ingkumhan Falls is a obscure, yet worth-exploring waterfall. With the help of the guides, one can swim in the waters after jumping from a rope swing.
Cabagnow Cave Pool is home to a picturesque cave and a swimming pool. For the more adventurous, one can jump off a cliff into the pool. For others, there's a ladder available.
Sipatan Twin Hanging Bridge is a two-way bamboo bridge. Walking on the bridge is a real thrill, with the bridge creaking and the hands rails positioned deliberately low.
Danao Adventure Park has many fun activities like zip-lining and kayaking. But the park is most famous for something called 'The Plunge', where one falls 45 feet from up the sky with only a rope attached. This is for the most daredevil.