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Fun Things to do in Denver

Debopriya Bose Jul 29, 2020
From museums to galleries, and water parks to zoos and aquariums for kids, there are hordes of fun things to do in Denver. Read on to know about all the excitement of this fabulous city.
When you wake up in Denver, fun and adventure greets you every morning. If you are a joyride enthusiast, there are a host of rides to choose from the numerous amusement and water parks in the city. If you love history and arts, what better places to go than Denver, which, with its hundreds of museums and galleries, has become the Arts Capital of the West.
There is something for all you bikers too; most of the attractions of the city can be covered on bike. Then one can also plan a trip into the Rockies for a whole day, or even longer. There are a lot of fun things to do in Denver that has added to the tourism of Colorado in a big way.

Major Attractions

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

One of the most popular attractions of the city, the Denver Museum of Nature and Science attracts about 2 million visitors every year. From Egyptian mummies to dinosaurs, the museum has exhibits of the lives of the North American Indians as well. The museum also hosts traveling exhibits like the 'Imperial Tombs of China' and 'Ramses II'.

On the Railroads, Travel Back in Time

With one of the most colorful railroad histories among all American cities, one should not miss visiting the Colorado Railroad Museum in Denver. Established in 1958, the museum has an amazing collection of pictures, mementos, and artifacts of Colorado railroads.
The museum has a replica of an 1880-style masonry that has around 50,000 rare photographs and artifacts on display. Outside, over an area of 12 acres, a large number of narrow and standard gauge locomotives and cars are on display.
All these vehicles belong to such famous Colorado railroads like the Colorado Midland, the Pines Peak, the Florence, and Cripple Creek.

Water Parks

Thanks to two amazing water parks, summer is great fun in Denver. Spread over 64 acres, Water World is a great place to beat the summer heat. It has two giant wave pools, white-water rapids, and speed slides that add to the fun. Besides all the thrilling rides, there is Wally Wood, which has geysers and shallow water that makes it perfect to introduce tots to the water.
Island Kingdom is another place where one can go on dozens of roller-coaster rides. Families can have a fantastic time at the Cast Away Creek, which is a relaxing lazy river with a slow current, geysers, and waterfalls. Other than this, Commotion's Ocean and Hook's Ocean are also good fun for family outings.

Elitch Gardens

Have great fun at state-of-the-art rides like the free-falling 'Tower of Doom' and the 'Sidewinder'. One has more than 100 rides to choose from at Elitch Gardens.
Besides these, there are numerous shows, shops, and eateries where you can have a good time with your family. In case you are visiting the Gardens in summer, you can alternate between the roller-coaster rides and the huge water park (Island Kingdom) that lie next to Elitch Gardens.

Lakeside Amusement Park

This is a facility with its own charm and excitement. Built on the side of a picturesque lake lined by breathtaking mountain views, its trains and bumper rides makes this park a fun place. With a merry-go-round, a drop tower, and the comparatively recent addition of Mini Skater Ride for kids, Lakeside Amusement Park is a perfect place for fun with the family
Probably the largest amusement park in the Rocky mountains, this site, with around 39 rides, games, and refreshments, makes your day.

Denver Zoo

With its collection of 4,000 animals of 350 different species, the Denver zoo is ranked as the fourth-most popular zoo in the country. Noteworthy features include 'Tropical Discovery', which is a large indoor rainforest.
It has both marine as well as freshwater aquariums, the largest Komodo dragon exhibit in the world, and the 'Discovery Center'. The Predator Ridge in the zoo is a natural exhibit featuring 14 species of birds, reptiles, and mammals.

Denver Botanic Garden

Spread over an area of 21 acres, the Denver Botanic Garden has specialized gardens that provide visitors a unique botanical experience. One can spend time in solitude amidst bonsai trees that overlook a pond with goldfish in the Japanese garden.
Of the 30 gardens in the Botanic Garden, the Xeriscape Demo Garden and the Rock Alpine Garden are great places to pickup some ideas for your own garden.

The Denver Center for Performing Arts

The Denver Center for Performing Arts offers an exhilarating experience for those with a love for acting. Visit this center to witness an enthralling blend of Broadway Shows, professional theater, as well as amateur- and graduate-level instructions in acting.
It is the flagship theater of the Rocky Mountain Region, and it provides exceptional theater, both for the performers as well as the audience.

Denver, the Bike City

For those who cannot resist the lure of enjoying their free time on bikes, Denver is the place to be. Check in at the Inn at Cherry Creek. This would allow you to take a ride through the Bike Path next to Cherry Creek. The Bike Path goes up to the Cherry Creek or downtown, around past the stadium.
You can cover as many miles as your heart desires, and there are also some great spots to stop on the way. Just a block away from the Inn is the Bike Rack. Call them and reserve a bike. They will arrange a bike with all the right clips and gears needed for a road trip.
There are lots more fun things to do in Denver that cannot be described in a single attempt. Take time off to do some research on your own. Plan the places you want to visit and make reservations beforehand. Pack your bag for Denver, the city of fun and adventure, and I am sure you will never regret your decision.