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Top 5 Attractions in San Diego

San Diego attracts millions of tourists every year due to its mild climate, extensive beaches, and a plethora of activities. In this post, we'll take a look at the top 5 attractions in this U.S. city.
San Diego
Your Best Bet for Summers!
According to The Weather Channel, San Diego has one of the best summer climates in the United States. Also, as of 2013, it was ranked the 20th safest city in the country by Business Insider, making it an ideal destination for tourists.

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San Diego is mostly famous for its beaches and activities associated with them. However, a closer look at the things we can do in this city tell us a different story.
The city is a place for all age groups. You can take your wife shopping, your children to the zoo, your parents to the numerous parks, or visit downtown for a party with friends.
With the climate on your side, and the infrastructure helping you travel better, there is no reason for you to be disappointed with the potential this city possess.
The San Diego Zoo houses the most number of Koalas outside Australia.
The San Diego Zoo
Located inside Balboa Park, this zoo is one of the most famous zoos in the world.
It houses more than 3,700 animals, in open-air exhibits, recreating a natural habitat for the animals. It is one of the four zoos in the country that houses the Giant Panda.
Here, you can see polar bears swim in an environment that is as close as it can get to their natural habitat.
Later, a new area named 'Koalafornia' opened, which gives visitors a unique Australian experience.
Since December 2012, visitors can also see magnificent clouded leopards. If you're vacationing with kids, this is one place that has to top your itinerary.
The 7 Caves of La Jolla
The La Jolla Caves are part of a 75-million-year-old sandstone sea cliff.
The caves of La Jolla, commonly known as the 7 caves of La Jolla, are any explorer's delight.

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A kayak tour to these sandstone wonders is nothing short of an experience.
To visit these caves, you need to know swimming, but kayak experience is not a necessity. Professional guides are available for the tours, and it's advised you take one along anyway.
From east to west, the names of the seven caves are: White Lady, Little Sister, Shopping Cart, Sea Surprize, Arch Cave, Sunny Jim's Cave, and The Clam's Cave.
You can reach through a kayak to all the caves, except Sunny Jim's; here, you need to travel through a tunnel, to reach the Cave Store.
Children, mandatorily accompanied by adults, can see leopard sharks, sea lions, and many other fish. Tours are open till sunset.
SeaWorld San Diego
The Penguin Encounter exhibit at SeaWorld features around 300 penguins that represent 7 species.
SeaWorld San Diego happens to be a favorite among the young and the young at heart.
An animal theme park and oceanarium, this park houses dolphins, killer whales, pacific walruses, penguins, polar bears, and beluga whales.
Apart from these animals and musical shows, it is also home to fun rides as the Abby's Seastar Spin, Elmo's Flying Fish, and Oscar's Rockin' Eel.
There are several shows like the One Ocean that features killer whales. Whether you're on a family vacation or traveling alone, a visit to SeaWorld will definitely show you breathtaking sights.
Old Town San Diego State Historic Park
Look out for Mexican restaurants at the park; they're famous among tourists.
For the explorers, there is nothing better than a trip to this Historic Park.
This park recreates the area as it existed from its settlement in 1821 to 1872, when New Town became the center of commerce.
It hosts several buildings from the same time frame. For example, you will see the state's first public schoolhouse - Mason Street School.
Also a National and California Historical Landmark, this park is home to few of the oldest surviving examples of Spanish architecture in the state, such as The Casa de Estudillo - a National and California Landmark in its own right.
The park is also home to San Diego Union Museum, which was earlier a newspaper office; this makes the park a site that housed the city's oldest surviving newspaper office and first brick courthouse.
Pacific Beach, San Diego
Don't forget to visit Pacific Beach Recreation Center for various fun activities.
Pacific Beach will give you the real California-beach experience.
Visited frequently be surfers, cyclists, and college students, this neighborhood is one of the most posh localities of San Diego. Apart from activities at the beach, tourists also come here in thousands to eat and shop.
Most restaurants and shops are located along Ocean Boulevard- a 3.2-mile pedestrian walkway. Crystal Pier, a public pier and restaurant, is one of the most famous attractions here.
Don't forget to take a walk down this pier during sunset with your loved one. The neighborhood is also famous for its upbeat nightlife.

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San Diego is definitely a city that you must visit at least once in your lifetime. Home to some of the most diverse attractions, it deserves to top every traveler's bucket list.

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Apr 8, 2021
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