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Glamping - Posh Camping. Why? How?

Who says you have to sacrifice your creature comforts?
Luxury Tents Dec 19, 2019

Happy Camping

Romantic and luxury safari tents even have overhead fans and porches from which to watch wildlife.

Luxurious Sophistication

Luxurious glamping tents take camping to a whole new level of sophistication and comfort.

Sympathetic to the Elements

Luxury glamping tents offer its occupants protection from outside elements. These tents are UV resistant, waterproof and anti-microbial. The tents remain cool and protected from harsh sunshine, keep you dry when it rains and discourage mosquitoes.

The Answer for Remote Ecosystems

Because of the relative ease of transport and set-up, glamping tents provide the quintessential answer to developing campsites in fragile and remote ecosystems.

Global Phenomenon

The growing popularity of glamping has opened the door to an increasing number of manufacturers who compete for business in this lucrative sector of the outdoor industry.

Competitive Pricing

As glamping continues to enthral and attract more happy campers, manufacturers vie for your business. Shop around for the best deals.

International Shipping

Glamping and luxury tents, manufactured to individual specifications, are shipped to all corners of the globe.

Variety Adds Spice to Life

Glamping tents are suitable for a wide variety of uses including luxury tented safari accommodation or an elegant venue for weddings, conferences, parties etc. A luxury glamping tent will spice up your life!

The Good Life

Dispel all doubts about uncomfortable camping. Glamping will elevate your holiday experience to new levels of luxury you never dreamt possible under canvas.