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Gorgeous Lakes in New Jersey

Heaven looks a lot like New Jersey!!
Priyanka Wadhwani Nov 03, 2020
A state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the Northeastern United States, New Jersey is known for it’s beautiful beaches, busy roads, great food, intense politics, and diverse culture.
Quite popular for its astounding beaches with dreamy breeze, salty water, relaxing environment and the frozen yogurt, New Jersey is also blessed with a number of magnificent lakes that will surely blow your mind.
Somewhere deep in the forest, sprawling at the bottom of valleys, besides the ever busy city highways, these quiet little happy places are just wonders to visit. If you wish to take a break from the pounding waves, dive into the calm waters of one of these beautiful New Jersey lakes.
These freshwater inland lakes offer the opportunity to enjoy activities like swimming, fishing, boating, and even ice skating in the winter. To decide which one to start from, check out our list of some best lakes in the Garden State.
This exclusive destination with 7 miles of sandy shore, is perfect for a summers day out. Sunbathing, windsurfing, water-skiing, hiking are all best performed with a variety of dining options available here. This lake is a hit for fishing too.
Culver Lake
The largest freshwater lake in New Jersey, Lake Hopatcong is ideal for swimmers, anglers, water skiers, fishers, boaters and water enthusiasts. From sprawling public beaches to tasty restaurants and marinas for miles, this vacation hot spot is a wonderful place to unwind.
Lake Hopatcong
Lake Greenwater offers countless state parks, hikes, farms, breweries, swimming, kayaking, boating, fishing, canoeing and paddleboarding opportunities. What else do you wish to do at a lake? Straddling the border between New York and New Jersey, Greenwood Lake covers more than 1,900 acres and features excellent views of the nearby Bearfoot Mountain Ridge.
Lake Greenwood
Lake Carnegie is a reservoir that is formed from a dam on the Millstone River, in the far northeastern corner of Princeton, Mercer County, New Jersey. This man made beauty is a practice ground for the US Olympic Rowing Team. Ice-skiing and fishing are the main activities that can be performed here.
Lake Carnegie
This man made lake in Monmouth is the largest in county and also one of the largest ones in New Jersey. Known for it’s water views, marine life, and nesting birds, Deal lake is a great spot for kayaking and fishing.
Deal Lake
Part of the Mullica River, Atsion Lake is a man-made lake in Wharton State Forest in the Pine Barrens. The lake offers boating, hiking, fishing, swimming and camping facilities, and cross-country skiing in the winter making it your perfect weekend getaway.
Lake Atsion
Lake Aeroflex is the deepest natural lake in the state. With a crystal clear view of water, two long docks on the south side of the lake and a beautiful picnic area with grills it makes a perfect ambience for you to spend a fun loving day near the lake.
Lake Aeroflex
Ideal for fishing at dawn, or canoeing at the beautiful shores, swimming in the clear water, kayaking with a beautiful view and exploring miles of hiking trails, White lake fits perfect for all. This spectacular spring-fed lake lies within the 394-acre White Lake Preserve in the Great Limestone Valley.
White Lake
Beautiful at sight, perfect for water sports, adventurous for hiking, relaxing for swimming, scenic for a kayak or canoe, Swartswood Lake is like a heavenly place for your day at the lake. The area is packed with amenities including showers, restrooms & a concession stand making it easy to stay all day.
Swartswood Lake
This peaceful 20-acre lake is surrounded by beautiful hiking trails. The refreshing spring-fed waters of the lake are ideal for swimming, and the beach is carefully monitored by lifeguards during the daytime in the summer months, this lake in New Jersey is a must go place with amenities including showers, restrooms, and a concession stand selling snacks.
Lake Marcia
Surprisingly not a preferred location for lakes, New Jersey will amaze you with these water wonders. Do take out a few days to spend at the lakes while in the Garden State.