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Guide to Traveling to Koufonisia, Greece

Koufonisia is one of the small Cyclades in the Aegean Sea.
Maya Pillai
Koufonisia is a remote island tucked away between Santorini and Mykonos. There are three main islands, Pano, Kato and Keros. One the eastern side of Cyclades archipelago forms the Koufonisia. Pano is the most populated, Keros is uninhabited.
The island Pano Koufonisi is usually referred to as Koufonisia. Here is where your ferry drops and picks you up. Pano has all the tourist facilities.
Plan a trip to an ethereal dream destination Koufonisia to experience the various hues of emerald, turquoise and sapphire of the Aegean Sea while having a relaxed and laid back vacation.
Things you need to know about Koufonisia
A serene, quiet and tranquil island where the rhythm is very much laid back. It may take a couple of days for many tourists to get adjusted to the way of life here.
The landscape is arid and rocky. The rocky inlets along the coast is where you can spend a day sunbathing.
Its an apt place for beach lovers, a perfect romantic getaway, for those who want an off-the-grid vacation.
There are a few beach bars at each beach. Here you get traditional, authentic and inexpensive Greek food.
Book your accommodation before coming.  Always keep yourself hydrated. Apply plenty of sunscreen. Beware of the boats while swimming. They tend to come very close to the coast.
Beaches in Koufonisia
Beaches here are secluded and not organized. Hence, you don't need to pay for your sun-beds. You can just bring your beach bag and an umbrella to relax after a bath.
Ammos Beach
Here the waters have a myriad shades of turquoise. The beach is close to the sea port. .
The buildings and houses here are have the famous Greek white and blue paint. Since its close to the port, you get to see many fishing boats floating around.
Pori Beach
Its a shallow moon-shaped beach with soft sand and crystal clear water.
On the northeast of Koufonisia lies one of the best beaches of the island.
Platia Pounta Beach
Another name for this beach is Italida and is the most frequented beach.
Fanos Beach
The beach lies east of Chora, the main town of Koufonisia. There are small coves and bays to explore. From here you can get amazing glimpses of Kato island.
Finikas Beach
Walking distance from Fanos is the Finikas or Charokopou beach. The water has a surreal look and is very inviting. Its lovingly called textile beach.
Things to do in Koufonisia
Being a tiny island in the Aegean Sea, Koufonisia relies on beach tourism and fishing. It has the largest number of fishing fleets in whole of Greece.
The best way to discover the island is by walking through its cobblestone streets with whitewashed houses that have flowered courtyards and blue domes.
The main town of the island is Chora. There are a few clothing and souvenir shops that usually sell on the basic items. Walking around the island town gives you the feel of the ambiance of this cyclade.
Windmills of Koufonisia
Don't miss out on the 2 scenic windmills of Koufonisia. One is next to the port. Here the sunset view is simply ethereal. The second one is in Loutro.
Biking or hiking is one of the activities you can engage in when your in Koufonisia.
Snorkeling is another activity that you can enjoy when you are at one of the beaches. Since the water is crystal clear you get to see the wonders of the underwater clearly.
Take a Ferry to Kato Island
Catch an early morning ferry to Kato island and spend a day there. From here you can explore the beaches Detis and Laki.
Before returning to Koufonisia, you should consider either having lunch or dinner at a Greek-style tavern to enjoy the best Greek cuisine.
The locals say the right time of the year to visit Koufonisia is June when the island gears up for the Festival of Fishermen. Its a time of the year when the village is live for fun and frolic.