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How to Increase Your Followers as a Travel Blogger

Vinita Tahalramani Jul 1, 2020
Your blog is more likely to succeed when people know about you, so building an online following is essential. It attracts new leads through word of mouth and creates brand loyalty.
Here is a guidepost to help you grab the internet following as a travel blogger.
Network - Find the Like Minded
We all like to be around the like-minded.
So what we mean, is to have an audience which is interested in travel and not just your family members and acquaintances following your blog/website. Connect to other bloggers no matter experienced or naïve.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Travel bloggers out there, you definitely need to master the art of photography by using smart devices and apps!
Images are said to be more effective in evoking emotions than text. Visual content with originality and authenticity helps strike the marketing cord.
Guest Post and Get Accepted
Guest blogging helps stimulate shares and following. You can mark your spot on established platforms and redirect traffic to your website. Make a shift from traditional guest posting to web stories.
Adopt Web Stories
Web Stories being visually engaging, attract readers and because they can rank on Google's 1st page, they further help build a huge audience.
Visual Stories gives you a no-code solution to adopt Web Stories on your own blog or a start a new blog with Web Stories as its content format. To further promote your blog, you can guest post on relevant categories of Visual Stories.
Do Wonders With the King – Content
A valuable content turns your followers into fans. Content audit helps you know what content worked in the past and what content should be revived.
Other Tips:
  • Write a brand story
  • Stick to the audience interest.
  • Share engaging content.
  • Go beyond text-only content.
Upgrade to What’s Popular
Social media has become an incredible way of marketing. Making it simple, use popular and relevant hashtags. Hashtags are a road to the audience, so being relevant will get you the right kind of audience.
Go local with hashtags, make the readers of the location proud, forcing them to follow you.
Connect Frequently but Don’t Overdo
Keep entertaining your travel buddies with new and fresh travel stories, but avoid doing too much. Flooding the website with content may become overwhelming for your followers.
Win With Videos
The world is moving towards virtual reality, and travel videos pose a real time experience for people. Video content becomes the decision maker for most of the travel enthusiasts.
Final Thoughts:
To accelerate your growth, working only on your content is not enough. You should take special efforts to build your followers. These were some ways to help you with this.
With your WANDERLUST, crave for more followers too!