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How to Plan a Trip to the Rio De Janeiro Carnival?

Chaitrali Datar May 21, 2020
Planning to visit the Brazil carnival this holiday season? We give you some awesome tips!
A jamboree you have never seen before. The trip to the Rio festival will be worth it, provided it is planned well.
One of the biggest parties in the world, the carnival was first held in 1723.
How to plan for the journey?
- Flight Booking
- The Vibe of Brazil
- Where exactly it takes place?
- How can you participate?
- The costume
- Budget
- Stay safe and Enjoy!

All things answered ahead...
Ticket Booking
Book your flight tickets at least 3 months in advance to get the best deals. 6 months earlier the better, as prices skyrocket during the carnival.
It is recommended to reach Brazil 4-5 days prior to get into the vibe of the city. Once the carnival begins it descends in a chaos albeit an enjoyable one!
Scintillating Shoreline of Brazil
The carnival is held in Rio De Janeiro every year before Lent. It begins on Friday before Ash Wednesday (51 days prior to Easter)
The Rio parade is filled with revelers, floats, adornments and samba dance (the highlight of the Parade)
You can choose to participate as much or as little, depends on your interests, dancing skills, time and how much you intend to spend.
If you plan to participate in the dance performance, you need to pay for your spot, costume and also practice the dance! More is coming up next...
Participants in the dance are a part of the group "escola", where you need to dedicate a few weeks for practice. Yes, it needs to be taken very seriously!
If you plan on having a stroll or enjoy shopping, eating and exploring, you can take part in 'Carnival da Rua', Street Carnival (no practice required)
You can dress trashy, normal, decent, fancy anyhow! You can spend anything right from 5 dollars to 500 dollars! Your choice!
Prices during the carnival tend to skyrocket and so be prepared to shell out money even for a small burger. Plan your budget accordingly.
Getting Carnival Ready!!!
If you plan to enjoy the carnival to the fullest then,
consult a tour guide for the schedule of all the parties, dance performances, escolas and other fun activities.
The Carnival is open 24 hours for many days so you really need to pick the best events along with the resting time in between.

- Stay hydrated
- Plan your budget
- Follow the protocols
- Stay Safe!