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How the Travel Industry Will Change in the Post Coronavirus World

Shraboni Sen Kar
Nature pressed the pause button for a lot many things, and the Travel industry is one of them. In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, anything even remotely related to the Travel industry has come to a stand-still. It is time to rethink an entire industry.
You might have heard the sayings like, “Life must go on” or “Life finds a way”, the same way, even the travel industry will need to make some modifications and pick up the pace. 
The world will never be the same. Travelers may not plan a trip, but yes, the fact is that a traveler’s desire to travel never dies; while that is something to hold on to, and move ahead.
No one is traveling just yet, but ways have to be adapted as per the changing consumer preferences, safety guidelines and social distancing norms in order to reboot the sector in a post lockdown world. 
After being brought to a screeching halt, the revival is going to be a slow one. However, in this while, the travel industry is definitely going to bring in some changes as per the new normal.
Short Distance Travel
In the post-covid world, there is no place for risk. Even if travelers plan trips, they are more likely to choose destinations close to home. 
Time brings in the return of the domestic traveler because international travel will probably require couple of more months to resume. For a full-swing travel, a vaccine for coronavirus is a must.
Innovation in Hospitality
Hygiene being a prime concern; people are going to choose accommodation differently. Known brands are going to be trusted where cleanliness and sanitation are high priority.
Wellness features like meditation, yoga and sound healing may get a boost. Key cards, buffet breakfasts may become a thing of the past.
Sanitization: The New Security
To win the war against coronavirus, we all know how important is the role of sanitization. 
Hotels, restaurants, airports, flights, railway stations, trains, tourist attractions, every other public place will require proper sanitization. This practice may seem arduous, but is a must for survival.
Costlier Flights
With little choice left, airlines may have to increase ticket prices. 
Blame the social distancing norm because of which the airplanes are leaving the middle seat empty. As a result, your economy seat is now going to buy you more space.
Affordable Luxury
We all know that the economies worldwide have drastically slowed down and millions have lost their jobs. So, anyone traveling will think hard about the money they are spending, and what they’re spending it on. 
As a result, the travel industry will have to provide better value for their money. The luxury hotels may charge you less or may throw in a host of perks to lure in customers.
Road Trips to Come in Picture
As social distancing, sanitization are big concerns, travelers may now prefer road trips in their private vehicles. 
In short, staycations are in, and for the same, travelers are going to prefer their own vehicles over other public transport options. However, travelers will need to check whether there are any restrictions on state border crossing.
Nature Calling
These lockdowns and quarantines all over got people stuck in their apartments and homes. 
And after being forcefully trapped by the pandemic, people will look out for open spaces to breathe in, to relax. Here’s when they are going to opt for tourist destinations boasting natural landscapes with rich flora and fauna.
Responsible Travel
It is the need of the hour. Over-tourism and mass-tourism are some of the factors responsible for the situation we are into. 
As humans, we have to be more responsible towards our environment and the local communities.
Shift from IRL to Virtual
Now, this is something new which can act as a savior for both the travel industry as well as its customers. Technology has beaten geographical restrictions. 
From the comfort of your home, you can dive into the deep oceans, climb the highest peaks, visit museums or you can just take a stroll in a beautiful garden.
It’s all possible, thanks to the Web Stories format that has emerged with creative tech-enabled solutions to geographical restrictions. 
The travelers here are benefited for they can enjoy almost everything without even moving a step out of their home. 
On the other hand, with the help of Web Stories, the travel businesses can combat the soon-coming recession in the travel industry, where in they can adopt a new marketing strategy, a way for their promotional content to rank on Google's 1st page.
So, it is high time for the travel businesses to upgrade themselves with a Web Stories blog on their travel website with the help of Visual Stories.
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