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12 Incredible Reasons To Visit Mechelen

Mechelen is a charming city in Belgium. It boasts of fabulous attractions and is an upcoming tourist destination. Read on to know why you must pay a visit to this happening place.
1. Attractions for Young Folk
Here you will find superb bars and restaurants. On offer is free Wi-Fi for all in any part of the city.
There are many events to participate and enjoy throughout the year. The city's street art stands out and is a must-see.
2. Fabulous Location
The city is easily accessible thanks to it's proximity to major tourist cities such as Antwerp and Brussels.
3. Top Beer Destination
The iconic brewery of Mechelen namely 'Het Anker' dates back to 1471.
The lovely city is famous for the refreshing and delicious Gouden Carolus beer. The latter has been bestowed many awards.
4. Mesmerizing Christmas Markets
Get to see the city at its most alluring at these attractive markets on the occasion of Christmas.
The Christmas lights here are a treat for the eyes. The fun part is that these markets are not crowded or touristy when bench-marked against the neighboring ones.
5. Amazing Architecture
One of the highlights here is some absolutely brilliant architecture. Grote Markt is a vantage point for glimpsing some spectacular buildings.
A must-see is the Winter Garden of the Ursuline Nuns which boasts of neo-Gothic as well as Art Deco styles and leaves visitors mesmerized.
6. Offers a Bounty of Exciting Photo Opportunities
It is unusual and unique among European cities owing to it not being photographed as much as the usual favorites.
Amazing photo opportunities exist at the skywalk at St Rumbold's Tower, the bustling Grote Markt, the historic beguinages as well as the multihued 16th and 17th century residences at Haverwerf.
7. The St. Rumbold's Tower
This popular tourist attraction is a 318 feet high 15th century cathedral.
It takes around 20 minutes to reach the top offering glorious views of the beautiful city.
8. Grote Markt
The market square boasts of exquisite 18th century Renaissance as well as 18th century Rococo buildings.
The pretty square has been around for centuries now. From 2004 onwards, the attraction holds a busy market on Saturday mornings.
9. The Hof Van Busleyden Museum
The museum belongs to the Renaissance era built for humanist Hiëronymus van Busleyden.
Enjoy the enthralling and contemporary exhibition here. The popular tourist attraction was frequented by leading minds of the 16th century.
10. Street Art of Mechelen Muurt
There are 10 huge and beautiful murals spread across this important city.
For visitors desiring to enjoy all 10 murals, the Mechelen Tourist Information Office provides a map having the location of each of the pieces.
11. Kazerne Dossin
The Kazerne Dossin exhibition offers an insight into the Second World War. It offers an extremely honest perspective of the holocaust.
12. Dijle Riverfront
This is a floating path along the Dijle River. During winter a small ice-skating rink is placed over the gorgeous river.
A particularly beautiful spot here is the Haverwerf which boasts of charming and historic buildings.

 Prabhakar Pillai

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