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Indulge in These Barcelona Foods That are Everyone's Favorites

Prachi Dharap Mar 28, 2024
Eating all day is very easy in Barcelona, with its cafe lined city streets. The Tapas and Pintxo menus give us enough opportunities to try the Spanish cuisine and local Barcelona food.

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Pintxo: Small 2-bite sized snacks, served individually.

Tapas: Snack portions made for sharing. There would be 3-4 pieces in each portion.
Bombas are fried potato and meat balls. They can be bite-sized or as big as a tennis ball.
Spanish Omelets
These omelets are stuffed with onion and potato chunks. They can either be small or served in slices, served throughout the day.

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Chorizo is the spicy Spanish sausage. Eat it as a sausage or use it like a salami for quick, delicious sandwiches.
Spanish Croquettes
Spanish Croquettes are long and oval, usually filled with cheese and meat (either chicken or iberico ham).
Patatas bravas are the Spanish style fried potato cubes, served with spicy sauce and ailoli in every Tapas bar in Barcelona.
Patatas Bravas
These baguette sandwiches are made with crusty and soft bread, filled with fresh lettuce, cucumber, olives, tomato, and corn.
No trip to Barcelona can be complete without trying the nourishing and vibrant traditional dish - Paella. The rice dish is cooked in a large pan with seafood, meat or vegetables.
A chilled Gazpacho is a perfect lunching option after a hot day of sightseeing. The cold tomato soup is served with toppings like croutons, avocado, and onions or with a side of Pa amb tomàquet.
Pa Amb Tomàquet
This is a staple of the Catalan cuisine; that you will find in any local bar and restaurant. It is a simply sliced bread rubbed with tomato, olive oil, and sea salt.
Caracoles are certainly for the adventurous eater. Snails cooked in various sauces or seasonings are tender and full of flavor. Try the best caracoles in Barcelona at the Restaurante Los Caracoles, with its elite clientèle.
Crema Catalana
It's a Spanish version of a caramel custard with a slight flavor of orange. The rich custard is topped with a layer of caramelized sugar.
Churros Con Chocolate
These will make your day perfect. Thin, fried donuts with a chocolate dipping is every chocolate lover’s dream.