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Interesting Things About Australian Culture and Customs

Chaitrali Datar Jun 30, 2020
One of the biggest advantage of visiting a different country is meeting different people and realizing how cultures are varied and fascinating!
And Australia is no exception! It is a an amazing land of traditions and customs, which is as varied as the country itself.
Australian Culture is mostly seeped into the Western culture, influenced by the British. It is also derived from the topography of Australia.
Everyday People Interactions.
Australian Culture
Australians are very informal in their everyday interactions and the initial greetings are also very laid back and casual.
It is common to shake hands in the first meetings and Australians normally introduce themselves by their first names.
Business Meetings
  • Australians are very straightforward in professional life.
  • They will not beat around the bush when stating their point.
  • Modesty and Factual Information are their strong point.
Decision making involves collaborative management and involving subordinates and there is no 'YES' culture.
Australian Clothing
Australia has a hot and arid climate and so the clothes are in tandem with the weather.
Clothing in Australia is essentially divided into beachwear and bush wear.
Bondi Beach, Sydney is the most popular beach in Australia.
Hats are a very common norm in Australia and are worn by adults and school going children alike to escape the harsh rays of the sun.
Bush Wear Clothing
During the routine life, Australians normally wear shorts, loose cotton shirts appropriate for the weather.
Top Management Business Dressing
  • Business Dressing is, however conservative in Australia.
  • Men wear dark colored suits while women wear a formal dress or suit.
Dining Etiquette
Australians follow the continental style of table manners. Fork in the left and knife in the right.
The Australian 'barbie', (BBQ) is an important part of the Aussie culture. It is the most common social invitation.
These meetings are extremely informal and guests normally bring Beer or Wine to have with the BBQ.
Gifting Culture in Australia
  • Australians care about how more thoughtful the gift is rather than the price tag.
  • The most common gifting items are Wine, Chocolates and Beer.
  • It is customary to open the gifts immediately once you receive them.
  • Gifts are normally exchanged on New Year's Eve, Easter, Saint Joseph's Day, All Saints Day, weddings and of course birthdays.
Australian Customs
Australia Day
  • It is the official National Holiday of Australia and is celebrated on 26th January.
  • It is the anniversary of the First Fleet of British ships at Port Jackson, New South Wales.
  • Once the school year has ended and all the formal celebrations are over, graduates set off to the Gold Coast.
  • It is a week long holiday known as 'Schoolies'.
Gold Coast is situated south of Brisbane, famous for beaches, surfing, amusement parks and hiking trails.
Eating Seafood on Christmas Day is a very common and popular custom throughout Australia.
  • Australians are extremely fond of traveling and known for their wanderlust bug.
  • They are known to take a one-year gap holiday to travel extensively across the globe!
Anzac Day
  • It is a National Day of remembrance in Australia.
  • It commemorates all the Australians who died, served, and contributed in Gallipolli Campaign War. (1914-1918)
Interesting Cultural Trivia at a Glance
  • When you catch a taxi alone in Australia, it is expected that you sit in front and engage in small talk with the cabbie!
  • Always stand in a queue. Pushing your way is considered impolite.
  • It is a standard custom to bring drinks by the guests for the BBQ party. If you ask your host the better!
Common Australian Slang and Expressions
  • Arvo: Afternoon
  • Breaky: Breakfast
  • Cheers: as in to say 'Hello'
  • No Worries: Your are welcome, its okay!
  • Servo: Petrol or Gas station.
  • Mate: Friend/Informal greeting
So when are you visiting my land, mate?