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Interesting Facts About Colombia

Kashmira Lad
Colombia is located in the Northwestern area of South America. It also remains to be the 26th largest nation in the world. This country also consists of the second largest Spanish speaking population (after Mexico) in the world.
Bogotá is the capital city of Colombia. This city remains to be the largest and the most populated city in Colombia. The high altitude has also given it the position of the third highest major city in the world.
Colombia shares its borders with Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru, and Panama.Colombia's tourism has been on the rise since the 1940s.

Colombia is known for certain festivals such as the Festival of Flowers or the Vallenato Legend Festival that draws hordes of tourists every year.
Did you know that around 12% of the world's coffee is produced in Colombia?

Bogotá's airport is the largest and also the most expensive in Latin America.
Colombia holds a position in the 14 most mega-diverse countries seen all over the world. This is because; the Colombian territory consists of highlands as well as rainforests and tropical grasslands!
Colombia does not have any particular season, which is solely due to the fact that it lies close to the equator. Colombia enjoys sunlight all through the year. You can experience the tropical heat on the coasts or even the snowfall in the mountainous areas.
It is known for the diverse population seen here. This is because of the rich history, which has resulted in a mixed population since the ancient days.
The concept for the flag was adopted on November 26, 1861.
This flag consists of 3 horizontal stripes in yellow, blue, and red color. Yellow represents the gold, blue represents the seas that surround the land whereas red represents the blood spilled on the battleground by the heroes during the struggle for its independence.
Although the flag underwent many changes, the original horizontal tricolor stripes were finally adopted in the year 1861.
Colombia is formed by two territorial zones - one that submerged in the Pacific ocean as well as the Caribbean sea and the other remains to be the emerged land - the Andes mountain range and the Llanos plain.
Bogotá, Eje cafetero, Cali, Medellín, San Andreas, etc. are some of the major places that attract tourists.

Colombia is known for its multicultural society. One can see interesting influences of European, Native American, Middle Eastern, and African culture out here.
The cuisine is as diverse as its culture. The various food items seen here have been developed mainly due to the influences from Spain, Italy, and France along with American cuisine, Caribbean influences and the traditional style of the Native Americans.
The highest peak out here is the Pico Cristobal Colon at 19,020 feet.

The name Colombia has been derived from the name of Christopher Columbus. The name underwent few changes until finally, the Republic of Colombia was adopted in 1886.
The total area is around 440,831 square miles. This is said to be approximately equal to the areas of Portugal, France, and Spain put altogether.
The residents have suffered due to various earthquakes and volcanoes. It has 15 major volcanoes and certain instabilities in the area have caused many devastating earthquakes.
Colombia can be divided into 5 main regions as per the climate and geography of this place. These regions can be named as the Pacific, Andes, Amazon, Eastern Plains, and the Caribbean. Each region is known for its unique geographical features.
As mentioned, the diversity of the country may amaze you immensely. There are many places in Colombia that are a major source of attraction for tourists from all over the world. So if you ever decide to visit this beautiful nation, explore the important and remarkable cities of this beautiful land in South America.