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Interesting Facts About Indiana State

Prabhakar Pillai
Indiana is a US state. Indianapolis is the state's capital as well as the largest city.
Indiana is home to 6.7 million residents and covers an area of 36,418 square miles.
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Various Indian tribes inhabited this region for thousands of years.
Indiana translates to 'Land of the Indians'. That is how this state got its name.
The French were the first Europeans to arrive in this region.
The French and English fought over the region from 1754 to 1763. The English prevailed gaining control over the land.
When the American Revolutionary War ended in 1783, the British handed over Indiana to the US. In 1816, Indiana officially became a US state.
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Indiana participated in the Civil War on the Union's side.
Did you know that Wabash, Indiana was the first US city to use electric street lights way back in 1880?
The state is famous for the Indianapolis 500 car race held in the capital city almost each year since 1911.
Legendary actor James Dean was a native of Indiana.
The first professional baseball game took place in 1871 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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The state boasts of the longest underground river in the US. The river is inhabited by unique aquatic species as well as amphibians.
Indiana enjoys the sobriquet -'Mother of Vice Presidents'. As many as six US Vice Presidents are from this state.
The state is popularly known as the 'The Hoosier State'. However, it is not clear why it is named so.
The US's first ever train robbery took place here in 1866. As much as $13,000 worth of goods were looted.
The state has the distinction of having the world's biggest Batman memorabilia collection.
Santa Claus town in Indiana receives over half a million letters addressed to Santa during Christmas every year. Each one of the letters is replied to.
The state played a vital role during the Civil War to help slaves escape to freedom.
When the first Europeans arrived, over 80% of the state was forested. That has reduced to only 17% presently.
The state is home to the world's biggest children's museum namely 'the Children's Museum of Indianapolis'. The iconic museum boasts of an impressive collection of more than 120,000 artifacts.
A popular attraction of Indiana is Eagle Creek Park. Enjoyable activities here include bird watching, fishing and biking.

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An astonishing 25% of the country's popcorn originates from Indiana.
The state was the venue of the last Elvis Presley concert way back in 1977.
Indiana boasts of one of the richest deposits of limestone in the world. New York's Empire State Building and the Pentagon were built using it.