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Interesting Facts About Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska, US

Richa Singh
Mendenhall Glacier is a spectacular 19-km-long ice mass in southeastern Juneau, Alaska, US. Being the most beautiful and easily accessible glacier, Mendenhall is hugely popular amongst tourists.
Some fun facts...
In 1892, the glacier was renamed as Mendenhall after Thomas Corwin Mendenhall, who helped determine the boundary between Alaska and Canada.
Mendenhall is a receding glacier with current width of 2.4 km and height of 30 m at its terminus.
Mendenhall Glacier Recreational Area is a part of larger Tongass National Park and is designated as a protected area.
It is one of the 38 glaciers in Juneau Icefield, which was formed over 3000 years ago.
Mendenhall glacier sports many tourist-friendly activities like hiking, kayaking, rafting and a lot more. Best time to visit the glacier is from May to October.
It's called as one of the 'Rivers of Ice' as it flows down the mountain top because of its weight.
On its way downhill, the glacier created valleys and made the trees and rocks to get deposited in a new area.
The glacier deposits an estimated ½ inch of glacial matter, in the form of rocks and sediment, between Juneau and Douglas Island. It is predicted that in coming few decades the islands will be connected to the mainland.
Mendenhall lake, formed by the receding Mendenhall glacier is a much-loved tourist attraction and is known for its beauty and houses cold water fish. It is the source of small Mendenhall River.
Mendenhall Ice caves are impressive blue ice caves inside Mendenhall glacier. These are accessible after kayaking to the edge of the ice and then climbing over the glacier.