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Interesting Facts About Singapore

Sky high buildings, bustling cities, clean streets and many such amazing things about Singapore always attract a wandering soul for a visit.
Singapore is an amazing South-Asian country that has a more Westernized appearance rather than an Asian feel.
The Republic of Singapore is a sovereign island city-state. It is also one of the three surviving city-states after the Vatican City and Monaco.
We shall cover a few interesting facts about Singapore which will help you know more about this glamorous city.
Fun Facts About Singapore
Fact #1
Prince Sang Nila Utama from Palembang thought he saw a lion on the island. And thus named the island as 'Singapura' in Sanskrit.
Singapore does not consist of a single island, but is made of 63 islands. Out of these, only the main island is thickly populated and others are mostly inhabited.
Fact #2
Singapore is the youngest country as it has attained independence from Malaysia in 1965. It was also a part of Great Britain and Japan over time.
Fact #3
Do take a look if you ever happen to get your hands on a $1000 note of Singapore currency.
The $1000 note has the entire lyrics of Singapore National Anthem printed in microtext on its back side.
Fact #4
No buildings in Singapore can be over 280 meters in height. This is because of the close proximity to the Paya Lebar Airbase, the small country has to make sure that the buildings do not interfere with the military planes.
Fact #5
1 in every 6 families is a millionaire in Singapore! Unbelievable, right? And we haven't even included the immovable properties such as buildings, cars, businesses, etc. into consideration.
Fact #6
The Bukit Timah Reserve is one of the 1st reserves of Singapore established in 1883. The number of tree species in this reserve is more than those found in the entire North American continent.
Fact #7
Make sure you do not carry chewing gum when traveling to Singapore. Chewing gums are banned here as the government believes that it tends to dirty their cleanest country in the world.
Fact #8
Singapore is a country of diverse ethnicity known for its safety, cleanliness, and education. Singapore has the 9th highest GDP per capita in the world.
Do make sure to visit Singapore at least once, and get mesmerized with this uniquely developed glamorous city-state.

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