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Interesting Things to Do in Delft, Netherlands

Yet another intriguing city in the Netherlands, Delft is a city popularly loved for its art, history, and architecture. Learn more about the city and its culture via a cruise on its prized canal network.

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Nieuwe Kerk Church
Showcasing the second tallest church tower in all of The Netherlands, Delft's New Church is worth a visit. Its tall, grand tower forms an iconic part of Delft city skyline making it impossible to miss!
Eastern Gate or Oostport
Depicted in many Dutch paintings, Eastern Gate or Oostpoort is an iconic structure of the city. Built around 14th century, this gate is a popular photography spot.
Prinsenhof Museum Tour
Museum Prinsenhof is the place where William of Orange was assassinated. You can see the bullet holes in the walls. A tour around will enlighten you about the history of The Netherlands.
Delft City Hall
Standing tall and proud in the city, this marvelous Renaissance structure is a prominent landmark of the city. Head up to the balcony to enjoy panoramic views of the city.

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Canal Water Taxi Ride
Like most cities in The Netherlands, Delft is  connected by a canal network. Water taxi is a wonderful, fun, and unique way to tour and enjoy the city.

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Canal cruises are relaxing ways to tour the old Delft city. The boat captain will guide you through the history of different landmarks and get you acquainted with the culture of the place.
Delft Antiques Market Tour
When in Delft between April to October, you can't miss out on this unique market. Sifting through all kinds of antique pieces of pottery, jewelry, paintings, etc. is sure to be a memorable experience.
Delftware Souvenirs
Delft is popularly known for its Delft Blue pottery or in simple terms blue and white porcelain pottery. All kinds of crockery to Dutch souvenirs are available for you to take back home.
Royal Delft Pottery Factory Tour
Get a closer glimpse into the making of iconic Delft blue and white earthenware during this amazing pottery factory tour. You can even paint your own tile here.

 Priya Johnson

Apr 23, 2021
Folco Masi