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Interesting Things to Do in Koh Lanta, Thailand

Explore turquoise waters against a backdrop of a beautiful rain forest.
Chaitrali Datar May 22, 2020
Are you looking for a perfect beach combo of adventure and serenity?
KOH LANTA is the place!!!
Koh Lanta is a mesmerizing and a quaint island located in the Andaman sea, off the West Coast of Thailand. It is a part of the Krabi province.
Koh is your perfect recipe for a Thai vacation. It has waterfalls, cave explorations, water sports, beach biking, forest trails....
Are you ready to explore the fun??

Begin this adventure from Koh Lanta to Ghost Island and explore the beautiful caves. You can also take a small hike once you reach there.
The Kayaking expeditions are held in a small group tour (less than 10) and so you can enjoy the experience to the fullest.
Snorkeling and Scuba diving

One of the most popular underwater sports, Koh has numerous snorkeling and Scuba diving spots.
Popular diving sites are Koh Bida, Phi Phi, Hin Muang, Rok Islands, Shark Point.
Ride a bike on the pristine beach and soak in the scintillating atmosphere!! 
You can rent a bike or a bicycle and tour the nearby lanes and local places of Koh!
Take the 4 islands day trip via a speed boat and enjoy the thrill of the beautiful waters! 
On this boat trip, explore the coral reefs, limestone and karst pillars.
Muh Koh Lanta National Park

This park spans an area of 20 km of rain forest and lies along the beach. It is actually a small group of islands.
Visit the Khalong Jark Waterfall

It is a seasonal waterfall surrounded by lush green tropical rain forest.
There is a small hike to reach the waterfall where you can enjoy the greenery around.
Enjoy the Beach Fire show, sipping cocktails, and watching the daredevils indulge in an amazing act.
Indulge in Spa Massages

Tired of all the running and walking? Koh offers some great spa therapies to help your body relax and rejuvenate.
Spa Therapy

For fitness enthusiasts, there are yoga centers where you can do yoga to calm your body.
Koh is famed for its resto bars and you definitely need to visit one especially after the sunset. Top places: Salty Fish, Majestic Bar, Peak Cafe.
Tips and Trivia

- The word 'KOH' means 'island'
- While going for any kind of adventure, keep yourself hydrated and carry mosquito repellents
- While hiking wear comfortable shoes
- Do not opt for a large group while scuba diving
- Best time to visit is January to April