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Lakes in Banff National Park, Canada

Sreedevi Nair
Canada is
The natural beauty of the ‘Great White North’ is perhaps the most enchanting collection of natural panoramas in the world.
Besides the gorgeous alpine mountains and glaciers, Canada is blessed with gorgeous scenic lakes you can seldom find anywhere else in the world.
In fact, Canada has more lakes than all the world’s lakes combined! In total, Canada is home to over 500 natural lakes.
Among these, the lakes in Banff National Park are some of the most stunning clearwater lakes. Check out these prominent lakes in Banff region.
Arguably, the most picture-perfect lake in Canada and perhaps the most photographed one, Moraine Lake takes your breath away with its stunning blue waters that mirrors the surrounding verdant terrain.
Moraine Lake
Located just on the outskirts of the village of Lake Louise, Moraine Lake is a glacier-fed lake that is situated in the Valley of Ten Peaks.
The second-longest lake in the Canadian Rockies and the largest in Banff National Park of Canada, Lake Minnewanka is a splendid choice for nature and adventure lovers.
Lake Minnewanka
Apart from gorgeous panoramas, the lake is a happening hub for fishing trips and hiking on serene nature trails.
Lake Minnewanka also has a former township submerged completely beneath its frigid water surface that has encouraged divers to go on underwater expeditions to discover the sunken ruins of the city.
A brilliant aquamarine lake surrounded by snow-peppered mountains; Peyto Lake soothes one’s soul with its serene ambiance.
Peyto Lake
This lake in Banff offers amazing hiking trails and Peyto Lake Viewpoint is one of the most splendid spots to witness the sheer beauty of Canadian Rockies.
The most popular lake of Banff National Park, Lake Louise offers a mish-mash of nature’s splendors and adventure sports.
Lake Louise
Revel in the blissful quietude of cool mountain breeze, pristine wilderness and turquoise clear waters.
Have fun! Ski, hike, kayak, ride gondolas and explore Icefields Parkway – one of the must-visit things to do in Canada on a holiday.
A cluster of crystal-clear lakes set on the Western side of Banff, Vermilion Lakes are spectacularly scenic and an idyllic spot to get solace away from the real world.
Vermilion Lakes
Don’t miss the sunset experience. The sky adorns itself in some amazing orange, pink and purple hues you have ever witnessed. The brilliant hues change depending on the weather and angle of sun rays.
One of the hidden gems of Banff National Park, Two Jake Lake is a tranquil brook just a few miles away from Lake Minnewanka Scenic Drive. It is a popular camping spot for families and adventurers.
Two Jake Lake
With the mighty Canadian Rockies as a backdrop and glistening glacial pools, it is the perfect spot for outdoor leisure and summer picnics.
Johnson Lake
Venture out for an adventure or simply stand and enjoy nature… any experience you choose will be a moment to cherish forever at Banff National Park’s breathtaking lakes.