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Langkawi: The Perfect Island Escape

Vinita Tahalramani
"Once a year, go some place you’ve never been before." - Dalai Lama. A place which is called the Jewel of Malaysia, Langkawi is a must to add to your travel goals for the year.
So, let's begin our virtual tour around Langkawi... the holiday moments here are worth capturing through the eye of a camera.

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Climb up the Gunung Mat Cincang
You wouldn't need hiking shoes here, as the world's steepest cable car awaits you at the SkyCab, Oriental Village.
On the way up, leave your love locks at the Padlock's dock and wish for "FOREVER LOVE".

You are now at the highest point...

and you can treat yourself to the spectacular view of the beautiful island.
After exploring the panoramic view of the island, you can move towards the Skybridge - it's a 125-meter pedestrian cable-stayed bridge. Interesting, isn't it?
You can access the Skybridge through the inclined cable or climb up from the foot of the bridge.

Traveler's Tip

Keep an entire day for the Oriental Village, as it has a lot to offer apart from Skycab, and Sky Trex, namely,

- Elephant Adventure
- Duck tour
- Zip Lining
All for your little ones.

You can get some ticket discounts on taking a packaged tour of the village.
Take your kids to the fun for all place, 3D Art Museum in this paradise Island.

A good camera will help you take home some long lasting fun memories.

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Dataran Lang, also known as Eagle Square is a 40-ft. tall reddish brown eagle, and a popular manmade emblem of Langkawi.
Gear up for some fun photo challenge. Get the entire eagle in your souvenir photo.
A boat tour at the Kilim River between the wetland mangroves and huge limestone cliffs is a truly mesmerizing experience. Explore the amazing animal life, eagle feeding and the hidden network of caves.
Get personal with the wildlife including eagles and stingrays.

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Underwater World

Experience the marine life, without getting wet! Pengiun feeding show at the Underwater World draws a lot of crowd.

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Perdana Quay Lighthouse

A visit to the lighthouse at the Telaga Harbour Park is worthwhile during sunset.

Traveler's Tip

Hire a bike or a car to explore the island. Take home some inexpensive gifts for your loved ones, as the island has a lot of duty-free stations.