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Las Vegas Weather in November

Mrunmayi Deo May 14, 2020
If Las Vegas is on your mind, you ought to know how the weather is in November, since winter is approaching and there are many who might be searching for a nice vacation spot.
Be it with family or friends, if you are planning or have planned for Las Vegas, then stick to it, because the weather is just perfect for a long vacation at this time of the year, when winter seems to be approaching. This is surely a place not be missed in Nevada, USA.

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The Climate

Being situated in the Mojave Desert, Las Vegas' climate is mostly hot and arid throughout the year. Most of the time, people experience sunny days and long hours of sunshine, and the winters aren't for a long span of time.
Only, this time around the year, we can expect a very cool climate, and thus an eventful vacation idea to explore this exciting city.
If you are thinking that winters would be associated with snowfall, then you might be disappointed to know that snowfall is rare in this city, which is also referred to as the Sin City.

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However, if you visit some of the hilly areas, you would see snowcapped mountains.

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The temperature ranges from 60 degree F to a minimum of 4 degree F, which is good for a nice stay and vacation. You would be lucky if the temperature drops to 32 degree F because, that's when you are sure to experience the snowfall.

Weather in November

Given here, are the weather conditions and forecasts in this November.
☀ Average High Temperature: 66.3 degrees F
☀ Average Low Temperature: 46.5 degrees F
☀ Recorded Low Temperature: 37.5 degrees F
☀ Average Precipitation: 0.4
☀ Average Humidity: 37.2%
☀ Average Sunshine: 8.2 hours
As mentioned earlier, it has very hot climate, but luckily if you happen to check in November, the climate is such that we can say the winters has come. Global warming has affected all the nooks and corners of the world and thus it is difficult to forecast the climate as to what it would be tomorrow.
What you could do is use the websites which provide day-to-day climatic changes. But rest assured, you wouldn't find many changes, the climate is expected to be seemingly beautiful and pleasant and definitely worth a go in this season of the year.

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There are several things you need to explore after going to Las Vegas, right from the hotels to the casinos and the surrounding cities.
Hence, it is important to check the climate before planning a vacation to this city, so that you feel comfortable and enjoy your tour.