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Missed Your Flight? Here's What You Can Do!

What to do when your worst nightmare comes true? We give you some insights!
Chaitrali Datar May 19, 2020
You are all set for that flight of yours! Whether it is a business trip or a leisure trip, you are looking forward to the journey.
And en route, the unimaginable happens! You have missed your flight! Reasons can be plenty, an unforeseen emergency, an unfortunate accident, a never ending traffic or it's simply not your day!
While it is totally understood that you will WORRY to some extent, understand what can be done and how to do the damage control.
What to do when you miss your flight?
Firstly, there are a number of reasons as to why one can miss a flight and so are the solutions. Let's take a look at these.
Immediately call the customer service and explain your situation. Chances are, you can get to the next flight, the earlier you inform.
You are en-route and you realize you are going to miss that flight! 
GREAT! There is still a high probability that you will be able to switch to another flight. However, at a steep price definitely as it is a change fee. Also, do not expect the same airlines.
 Reached the airport and the gates are yet to be closed?
This requires a clear-headed approach rather than panic as the situation is grim... more in the next...
What if you have already checked in?
If you have already checked-in...
Find the nearest airport information desk, or talk to the ground airline staff. Next, you will have to find the nearest exit and after that get in touch with airline officials.
Completed all the formalities and missed the flight?
If you have passed through the immigration, then you have officially exited the country. You will have to again pass through immigration all over again to re-enter.
There is some respite! Even if the next flight is from another airline, the authorities will ensure that you are placed on the next best available flight on the standby... however there is a catch...
Missed a connecting flight? 
If you have booked through an agent, then you will have to arrange the next connecting flight yourselves and it is completely your responsibility to find the next flight.
In such a case, if the mistake is from their side, the responsibility rests solely with the tour operator... (more in the next)
What if I have booked my tickets through a tour operator and miss both my flights?
However,  if have missed both the flights and the mistake is entirely yours, then you need to consult your tour operator and the airline ASAP! The rest depends on solely their decisions and how much are they willing to negotiate.
So the level of travel insurance will vary depending upon the reason of the missed flight, the amount it covers, and which insurance you have taken.
Does my insurance cover missed flights?
Do not expect travel insurance companies to consider reasons such as forgetfulness, flight mix-up, security delays to be taken into consideration.
Reasons valid for a travel insurance
  • Public transport delays
  • Traffic jams due to road accidents
  • Extreme weather conditions.
If you have missed the flight due to your negligence, then unfortunately do no expect a refund. You will only get your money if the airline cancels the flight.
Is a refund possible if I miss my flight?
If your luggage has gone through check-in, the bags have flown without you, you need to call the airline. They will safely store your luggage until you are reunited with it.
What happens to my luggage in case of a missed flight?
Hope you do not miss the flight the next time!