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Most Amazing Natural Hot Springs in India

Ruchira Joshi Nov 30, 2020
Located in Parvati Valley, this hot-spring is cheer-some for tired trekkers. You can get scenic views of snow capped Himalayas while bathing in this sulphur spring.
This hot spring is situated in last frontier village at 10,442 ft near Siachen Glacier and Numbra Valley. Enjoy the hot water bath in the cold clad region.
Located on the Beas River, filled with pine and deodhar trees, it brings to you the mesmerizing ponds and water to calm you down.
Named after Vashisht Muni, this place is home to Manu Temple and Hadimba Temple. History gives credit to Lord Lakshmana for the creation of this mythically powerful spring for Vashisht Muni. It possesses the powers of healing as per the written scripts of mythology.
Placed on the banks of River Sutlej, this auspicious sulphur spring is believed to cure skin ailments, joint pain, and stress. Mostly seen in the winters, this is a holy place assumed for pious dips.
A small cozy hot water bath is what you should expect if you go to Leh and reach Kiari via Tso Moriri, where at 30 kms, you will be at your destination Chumathang.
Known for a quiet holiday, if your are looking for something small and peaceful, this is your place.
Situated on Mandakini river's bank, this thermal spring flows at 2000 m above sea level.
Many trek routes will lead you to Tapovan, one being Bhavishya Badri, and other one is Kauri Pass. It is few kms away from Joshimath, Uttarakhand.
Yumthang hot spring is one of the most visited hot spring in Sikkim, known for two pools that have medicinal properties of healing. It is a must-visit, if you are looking for a natural spa.
A pearl of Dehradun, this is a magical spring to heal yourselves. Swimmers will enjoy a nice dive, a brief talk with nature is also an add-on with fine green beauty surrounded across its mystic waters.
Hot Springs rejuvenate your soul and body. It enhances not only the physical being of a person but captures the mind and heart too. So, if you are looking out for natural healers from a holiday, these are the apt destinations to look out for in India.