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9 Most Beautiful Islands in Belize

Prabhakar Pillai
Belize is a charming country on the eastern coast of Central America. A popular Caribbean tourist destination, it boasts of over 130 pretty islands.
1. Sapodilla Cayes
Located in the extreme south of Belize, it is a group of fourteen exquisite sand and mangrove islands.
The white sandy beaches and waters here are among the best and most pristine in the world. Definitely worth a visit.
2. Goff’s Caye
Popular activities here include swimming and tanning.
As the island sits on the edge of the Belize Barrier Reef, a favorite activity of tourists is snorkeling. To the north is an active foraging spot for sea turtles.
3. St Georges Island
There is a lovely aquarium here that might interest visitors.
This is the place where the famous battle of St Georges Caye happened on September 10th , 1779. Options here include long walks on the mesmerizing beach and sublime star gazing.
4. Glover's Atoll Resort
The island sits on Glover's reef an important world heritage site and marine reserve.
The emphasis here is on sustainable living. The island boasts of an impressive variety of fish and marine life. Incidentally, this place ranks among the region's best diving locations.
5. South Water Caye
The small island spans a mere 15 acres. Ideal for a private getaway.
The place boasts of serene and shallow turquoise waters, exquisite white sand and attractive rainbow-colored hammocks.
6. The Island of Caye caulker
It is the region's second most popular caye and strikingly different from the giant neighboring Ambergris.
Visitors will be surprised at the absence of cars and paved roads here. Some of the best seafood in Belize is on offer.
7. The Island of Ambergris Caye
It is acknowledged as the largest and most developed island destination of Belize.
The place is packed with world class hotels, restaurants with a Latin influence and additionally boasts of a vibrant nightlife. To the north and south of the island, visitors can soak in the natural beauty.
8. Silk Cayes
This is a frequently photographed and breathtaking tourist destination.
On offer are an impressive variety of marine life and exquisite clear waters. Note that you can visit this gem of a island only during the day.
9. Tobacco Caye
This remote island has a population of only 25 apart from the visitors. Favorite pastimes here are snorkeling and scuba diving.
Choose to feast on fresh catch or nap in a hammock underneath the lovely palms here. Spanning a mere 3 acres, the place is popular among backpackers as well as scuba aficionados.