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Most Beautiful Metro Stations in the World

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This metro has been in function since 31st August, 1975.
Radhuset Metro, Stockholm
Here, designers left the rocks exposed and painted them with different colors at different stations.
This station started functioning on 24th November, 1957.
T-Centralen Station, Stockholm, Sweden
While waiting here, you can plug in your laptop and log on to Wi-Fi in a corner, if you have something urgent to complete.
The metro started on 27th October, 1907.
Union Station, Washington DC
Don't underestimate gold color with golden paint; it is gold leafing worth USD 350,000, used in repair after a 5.8 magnitude earthquake, back in 2011.
This metro was opened on 27th March, 1976.
Metro Center, Washington
It is the central hub station of rapid transit system in Washington, D.C.
The metro service started in May 1896.
Budapest Metro Station, Hungary
The 10 m long painted porcelain mural was finished in 1984 by Hungarian painter Endre Szász.
The metro started on 9th September 2009.
Dubai Metro Station, UAE
It is the world's longest driverless single metro line.
The metro station opened on September 6, 1973.
Pyongyang Metro, North Korea
Being one of the deepest metro station, the temperature here is 18°C throughout the year.
The metro was opened on 12th August 1978.
Malostranská Station, Prague
The colors have hidden meanings: golden represents Prague Castle; green symbolizes royal gardens surrounding the metro station.
It started functioning on 30th September 1973.
Stadion Station, Stockholm, Sweden
The beautiful rainbow painted against the blue on the cave walls is an attempt by the artists to bring the sky underground.
This metro started functioning in the year 1999.
Canary Wharf, London
This metro station has a length of 300 m, along with being 30 m deep.

 Pragya Singh

Jun 5, 2021
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