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10 Most Beautiful Parks in Barcelona

Harshada Kekare Oct 31, 2020
You have reached at the correct story if you are interested to know which are the most beautiful Parks in Barcelona.
Barcelona is a buzzing place where you will enjoy the sight of some best greenery.
It was built in the former military grounds of the 18th century. This is the best place if you are looking for a picnic or a siesta and feel the city all around you.
1. Ciutadella Park
One of the most beautiful parks in Barcelona. Here, you will see stunning and distinct architectural elements designed by the renowned Catalan architect - Antoni Gaudi.
2. Park Guëll
One of Barcelona's most popular attractions. It's one of Barcelona's best-kept secrets and one of its oldest gardens. The vegetation here is best and you’ll find all sorts of hidden treasures.
3. Labyrinth Park of Horta
It's the perfect place for a bike ride or a walk. One of Barcelona's most idyllic and greenest places, here, you will find three different areas with playgrounds for children.
4. Aigües Park
It's the first public rose garden to be opened in Barcelona. Here, you will see beautiful lush vegetation and the water falling from the cascades.
5. Laribal Gardens
It sits in the Serra de Collserola coastal mountain range. It's the largest green space in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. A great place for exercising with a picnic reward.
6. Parc de Collserola
The park contains a beautiful collection of roses. a perfect holiday option to explore the natural beauty. Best option for walkers and athletes for its wide paths.
7. Cervantes Park
Also called "Park of the Escorxador", here, you will find nice bike paths and a basketball court. The park is the best option to take some rest after your busy day.
8. Joan Miro Park
It's a gateway to landscaped areas, pine groves and places for relaxing. Placed on a hill from where you’ll be able to see a scenic overlook of Barcelona’s beautiful neighborhoods.
9. Turo de la Peira Park
This park was built by an extremely gifted French architect Jean Nouvel. There are also plenty of playgrounds for kids, as well as ping-pong tables.
10. Poblenou Central Park